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Review: Try As I Smite (Brimstone Inc. #4) by Abigail Owen @AOwenBooks @EntangledPub #TryAsISmite

Alasdair Blakesley is the head of the Covens Syndicate. He shouldn't need to look beyond the witches and warlocks he governs, or his own abilities, to solve any problem. But a demon infestation means he can’t trust anyone who may be possessed. The last person he wants to ask for help is also the only person who can fix this, so he sucks up his pride and storms into her office.

And she turns him down cold.

As the owner of Brimstone Inc., Delilah’s passion is helping others with their supernatural problems. But Alasdair is the last man Delilah wants to tangle with. The infuriating man sees too much and demands even more. And did she mention the way he sets her body on fire?

Not that it matters—demons are the only things with which she cannot interfere. Too bad a higher power steps in and sends them both on a crash course of each others' pasts, presents, and futures.

How is a Christmas Carol nightmare supposed to solve his demon problem without breaking the rules she’s bound by?

Print Length: 123 pages
Publication Date: October 26, 2020
Publisher: Entangled: Amara 
ASIN: B08K74WY85

My Review:

Alasdair has a demon problem. As head of the Covens Syndicate he must find a way to keep his people safe. He turns to the one person he didn't want to ask for help and she says no, referring him to someone else who can help. Delilah is a compassion person, always helping the supernatural in need. Until Alasdair comes knocking. The problem he has with demons is one in which she cannot intervene.

When Alasdair and Delilah are swept away into vision together, they soon discover it's a take on A Christmas Carol, and are subjected to their past, present, and future. As they try to figure out how this is going to help Alasdair's demon problem, especially when Delilah cannot be of any assistance, sparks fly. Their chemistry is hot and spicy. The banter between them is fun, sexy, and witty. The suspense due to the demon problem, Delilah's binding problem, and their growing attraction kept me on the edge of my seat as the story played out.

Try As I Smite is a quick, fun read, blending paranormal romance and dark versus light in a novella that packs a punch. Both Delilah and Alasdair are terrific characters and I really enjoyed the chemistry the author created between them. The world building was done well and I was able to visualize the story as I read along. The loose depiction of A Christmas Carol brought another level to the paranormal romance and I fell in love with the characters and the story.

I was provided a copy of this book to read.

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Release Day Review: Runaway Fate (Moonstone Cove, Book #1) by Elizabeth Hunter @EHunterWrites @jennw23

A professor, a housewife, and a mechanic walk into a gym… and walk out as partners in a twist of fate they never saw coming!

About the Book:

Katherine wasn’t looking for anything extraordinary in her life. She had a job she loved, a husband she adored, and a home in the beautiful seaside town of Moonstone Cove.

Okay yes, she worked too much and had fallen out of touch with all her friends, but that happened to everyone, right? And sure, she was feeling a little creaky in the mornings and couldn’t drink coffee after noon, but that was just life in middle age.

Four minutes was all it took for fate to run away with anything that resembled normal.

Now Katherine is trying to place mysterious psychic visions into her previously ordered life. She’s playing referee between a displaced Southern mama and a sarcastic mechanic with a chip on her shoulder. And her quiet life has been upended by a mysterious rash of violent acts by students at her school.

Thankfully, her new friends have powers of their own, and together they just might discover who or what has it in for the quiet citizens of Moonstone Cove.

Runaway Fate is the first book in the hot new Paranormal Women’s Fiction series, Moonstone Cove by USA Today bestselling author, Elizabeth Hunter. It’s fiction for lovers of magic, mayhem, and a solid afternoon nap (when they can squeeze one in.)

Publication Date : October 27, 2020
Publisher : Recurve Press, LLC (October 27, 2020)
ASIN : B08GQW1554
Print Length : 304 pages

My Review:

Runaway Fate is the first book in the new Moonstone Cove series by Elizabeth Hunter. Set in California, Runaway Fate follows the life of a trio of new friends and their newly minted psychic abilities. Katherine the professor, Toni the mechanic, and Megan the housewife and mother are the latest stars of the Paranormal Women’s Fiction (PWF) series. These are 40-something women, strong and accomplished, and closer to my age, experience, and lifestyle. Characters I can relate to better than those in their twenties or thirties. 

Katherine, Toni, and Megan are as different from each other as night and day. One life-threatening event at their local gym pulls them together as they seek out answers to what exactly happened that day. Disbelief, anxiety, and denial abound as non-believers are tossed right into the middle of abilities they refused to believe were real. Surprise! The trio also must figure out why there has been an increase in violence by students at Katherine's school.

I am a huge fan of Elizabeth Hunter and devour everything she writes. She has never written anything but the best stories. I’ve been one of her biggest fans since I devoured A Hidden Fire, her first book in the Elemental Mysteries series. All of Elizabeth's novels reach deep within my emotional center and manage to trigger reactionary responses. These types of books are my favorite. The emotions don't have to always include tears; it is just the ability to invoke proper emotional responses to scenarios being played out. 

And, isn't this cover absolutely gorgeous?!

I was provided a copy of this book to read.

Meet the Author:

ELIZABETH HUNTER is a USA Today and international best-selling author of romance, contemporary fantasy, and paranormal mystery. Based in Central California, she travels extensively to write fantasy fiction exploring world mythologies, history, and the universal bonds of love, friendship, and family. She has published over thirty works of fiction and sold over a million books worldwide. She is the author of Love Stories on 7th and Main, the Elemental Legacy series, the Irin Chronicles, the Cambio Springs Mysteries, and other works of fiction.

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#Fantasy #Romance Review ~ Arcane Ambition by H.P. Mallory ~ Episode 5

Episode 5: Arcane Ambitions

What happens when Sinjin finally finds himself face to face with Bryn? Will it be a love reunion or will sparks fly?

Meanwhile, Emma’s school is attacked by possessed werewolves, who glow with an eerie blue light. Emma knows she needs Stone’s help but how will she respond when she learns Stone’s secrets?

And Pagan is starting to realize Nyx isn’t all she seems. Can he trust her or will doing so mean his downfall?

And what happens when Jolie finds her feelings for Morse developing?

Find out what happens in the fifth episode of the Mists of Magic and Mayhem Series!


ASIN : B08L41L9B3
Publication Date : October 11, 2020

Arcane Ambition is the 5th episode in the Mists of Magic and Mayhem serial by H.P. Mallory.

Episode 5 spends a lot of time with Bryn and Sinjin as they come face-to-face for the first time in 10 years. A lot of emotion erupts and I can't help but feel sadness for Sinjin and anger toward Bryn.  Bryn keeping their daughter Rowan away from her father disgusts me. The issues between them should have never led to Sinjin missing out on 10 years of his child's life because Bryn was angry at him over something that did not involve Rowan. I actually see Bryn in a completely different way now than I did in the Bryn and Sinjin series and it's not in a good way.

All to often this scenario happens in real life and while outsiders are quick to label him a deadbeat dad and her a strong, single parent, it's really her fault a child, or children, miss out on having a father in their lives. Please don't argue with me about this. I've been, and still am, part of a situation just like this (I don't have biological children so don't assume I'm the "her" in any of this discussion) and I've seen it happen. It disgusts me. 

While I view Bryn differently now, her character is still an integral part of the series (and I will eventually move past the anger I feel toward her in this particular episode). Her strength and tenacity lead her to the Abyss where she's sure her sister dwells. Despite her treatment of him, Sinjin still follows her into the Abyss and it's a good thing. The Abyss is full of evil and having Sinjin by her side helps keep her safe.

In the meantime, back at the school Emma attends is attacked oddly glowing wolves. Fortunately, Emma and her friends are ushered to safety by Stone. As they try to run and hide, Stone's protection leads to devastating consequences. Emma and her friends also learn several secrets Stone has been keeping under wraps.

The fourth episode in the Mists of Mayhem series is action-packed, fast-paced, pulls the reader in effortlessly, and keeps them engaged. I am excited to be back in this world. Along the way through this fresh, new adventure we get to meet new characters, venture into new settings, and learn new things. The story is engaging and branches in several directions, but it's done smoothly.

This series is amazing. I love that we are back in the world of Jolie Wilkins and we get to see what they are up to 10 years after the end of the Bryn and Sinjin series. Each book draws you in and the endings keep you wanting more. I’m constantly on edge, waiting for the next book.

Each episode ends with a mild cliffhanger and I'm not ashamed to admit the ending of Arcane Ambition made me cry. 

I was provided a copy of this book to read.

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Contemporary Romance Review ~ One for the Road (Barflies, Book #3) by Katia Rose @KatiaRoseAuthor

Better late than never.

It’s the phrase on the tip of everyone’s tongues. For three years, every staff member and regular at Taverne Toulouse has watched Zach and DeeDee edge their way closer to the grand finale of a ‘will they, won’t they’ dance that feels like it’s lasted for decades.

Bets have been placed. Wagers have been drawn. The whole of Montreal’s most famous dive bar is holding its breath. Will the small town boy with a heart of gold finally make a move on the wild, pink-haired bartender he’s been in love with for years, or will the moment pass them by and leave Zach and DeeDee insisting they’re ‘just friends’ yet again?

A rowdy night at the bar gets served with a twist that sends DeeDee spinning—not into Zach’s arms, but straight into his living room. With his dream girl crashing on his couch for a few weeks and brightening his days with spontaneous dance parties and eventful forays into the art of hair dyeing, Zach’s feelings only get stronger, and DeeDee’s follow right behind.

He calms her storms, and she streaks his skies with lightning. They fill each other’s gaps with a symmetry neither of them can ignore, but every step closer only raises the stakes of losing it all.

Late or never. A choice three years in the making. Their final shot to get it right.

Publication Date : April 29, 2020
Print Length : 348 pages
ASIN : B0871P6P9B

My Review:

I love the entire Barflies series but the story of Zach and DeeDee is my absolute favorite. I have been chomping at the bit for their story. The author weaved their "will they, won't they" saga through books 1 and 2 but finally, Zach and DeeDee's book has arrived!

Zach and DeeDee have chemistry, boy do they have chemistry. Zach has watched DeeDee flirt and date for years without stepping up and vying for her attention. When disaster strikes and DeeDee is out of options, Zach comes to the rescue and she is holed up on his couch. 

We learn a lot about DeeDee. She's wild, the life of the party, outgoing, and always ready for fun. What we discover is that our little party girl has some demons chasing her. The author breaks DeeDee down in such an awesome way. We get to learn about her past but it doesn't make DeeDee anything less that the woman she is right now. The author created a strong person, one who knows Zach is who she wants but also knows she needs to be happy with herself before she can truly commit to anyone. 

Zach, oh my goodness, Zach. What a fantastic character!. Always there for anyone, especially DeeDee, Zach is the boy next door, sweet, charming and the exact opposite of the bad boys DeeDee typically chooses. His strength, compassion, and understanding nature allows him to fall for DeeDee but pull back when she needed space. We also saw Zach grow. He began putting himself first after so many years of putting his own needs and wants to the side. 

Both Zach and DeeDee were flawed, required taking hard looks at themselves and who they were and wanted to be. These two were imperfect, but after all the soul-searching, they were perfect for each other. Zach and DeeDee are my favorite pair from the Barflies series and I will be forever grateful the author, Katia Rose, contacted me and requested a review. 

My Rating:


Review: The Secrets of Gable House (Lost Souls Book 1) by Nancy Fraser @nfraserauthor @GoddessFish

About the Book:

Noah Miller is shocked to learn that an unknown great uncle has named him heir to the family fortune, including the residence known as Gable House. Built by Noah’s fifth-back grandfather, the house is ripe with family secrets and unusual occurrences.

Maggie Shephard has spent the past ten years researching the history of Willow-By-The-Sea, including that of her own ancestors. Considered an authority on New England history, she’s often sought out as a consultant. When Noah Miller asks for her help in acquainting him with both the house and his ancestors, she jumps at the chance to share her knowledge with the handsome architect.

Noah and Maggie have an immediate attraction to one another, made even more so by the time they spend together researching the Gable family history. The fact that each Gable male died an untimely and gruesome death, leads Noah and Maggie on a quest for the truth in hopes of setting a murderous spirit free.

Purchase from Amazon

My Review:

Noah Miller is the new owner of Gable House, much to his surprise. Noah thought he was alone in the world so the bequeathing of a great uncle's estate is a huge surprise. When Noah shows up in town to settle the estate, he learns his family has secrets. Deep, dark, and possible paranormal secrets. Good thing he has a very knowledgeable librarian, and town historian, at his disposal. She knows almost everything there is to know about his family tree.

Maggie Shephard's knowledge about the history of Willow-By-The-Sea comes through hard work, lots of research, and journals passed down in her family. When the surprising new owner of Gable House comes to her seeking information about his family, she is excited to help him, and maybe get to know him better. As they discuss his lineage and she takes him on a tour through his familial home, they are encompassed by weird, otherworldly occurrences. It would appear one of Noah's ancestors might not have been able to give up the Gable House. 

The Secrets of Gable House is a short paranormal story. I was engaged in the story from the very beginning and loved the setting, the author's writing style, and mix of paranormal and contemporary romance. I enjoyed the quick paced story with likeable characters. The romance was sweet and a bit spicy and I loved Noah and Maggie together. Their chemistry is undeniable and they have wonderful new-romance passion and intimacy. 

I was provided a copy of this book to read.

My Review:

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#Review ~ The Demigod Complex (Brimstone Inc. #1) by Abigail Owen @AOwenBooks @EntangledPub #PNR


When Lyleia Naiad was head-hunted by Brimstone, Inc., for her job as Executive Assistant to a high-powered billionaire demigod, she was given one directive—do NOT fall in love with Castor Dioskouri. Doesn’t matter if he’s the son of Zeus and can electrify a room with a single glance. As an ex-nymph, she possesses a unique ability—a gift from the goddesses to protect nymphs from the randy gods—to resist her boss's charms.

Or so she thought.

He insists she accompany him to an alpha wolf shifter mating ceremony, an event where the pheromones fly, and so do clothes...and inhibitions.

Goddesses save her, because Castor has stolen into Lyleia’s heart, and she’s not so sure she can hold out much longer...

Publication Date : February 17, 2020
Publisher : Entangled: Amara (February 17, 2020)
ASIN : B08472G5RJ
Word Wise : Enabled
Amazon Link:

Lyleia "Leia" Naiad is a former nymph, having lost her spring after a vindictive werewolf had hers destroyed. After her banishment, Leia became an Executive Assistant to Castor Dioskouri, who is also a demigod and the son of Zeus. Nymphs, whether active or banished, have a magical interference, allowing them to resist the charming behavior of gods and demigods. Leia should be more than safe from Castor.....but her heart might not be safe.

Castor Dioskouri asked for one think from Brimstone Inc. when he requested a new assistance. He did not want anyone who would be attracted to him, require love and affection, or fall into lust with him. The company chose the perfect employee, a water nymph. Blessed with a gift allowing nymphs to resist sexual temptations, he thought he'd be safe from Lyleia Naiad. Except he wasn't really.

When Castor discovers Lyleia is going to resign, he does everything in his power to prevent that from happening. During her latest attempt, Castor requests her attendance at a mating ceremony between to shifter packs. Determined not to go, Leia tries to remove herself from the situation but Castor wins, like always. Leia soon finds herself making travel arrangements to Rocky Mountain National Park where they will be staying with the pack members in the Stanley Hotel.

(2017 copyright A.M. of Sapphyria's Books)

(2017 copyright A.M. of Sapphyria's Books)

The Demigod Complex is a quick read, blending paranormal romance and mythology in a novella that packs a punch. Both Leia and Castor are terrific characters and I really enjoyed the chemistry the author created between them. The world building was done well and I was able to visualize the story as I read along. I can't wait to begin the second book in the series.

I was provided a copy of this book to read.

My Rating:

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Review ~ Our Star-Crossed Kiss (The Rooftop Crew, Book 4) by Piper Rayne #ContemporaryRomance

About the Book:

She’s got two strikes against her.
Her name is Erickson and her parents own The Bagel Place.

It wasn’t always that way. When we were nine, we were best friends. But then a feud between our dads ripped their successful business apart—and my best friend was ripped away too.

Our paths were bound to cross again. When both our families vie for the same spot on a Food Channel’s reality show, the producers decide to change the format, aligning us as allies.

In order to get our parents to agree to work together, Evan asks me to pretend to be her boyfriend, but I dare her to up the ante—be my fiancée. Fake fiancée… obviously.

As usual, I didn’t think things through. Turns out our parents have a lot of demands neither one of us expected. And all those demands lead to things feeling more real than fake.

Grab Your Copy Here:
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My Review:

Evan Erickson and Seth Andrews are ones who got away...from each other. A family feud from 20 years ago split the duo apart. Evan and Seth spent all that time using avoidance techniques while being equally as miserable. When a cooking show comes to town, they find themselves competitors until the producers shake up the format. Now, Evan and Seth concoct a scheme to reunite their still-feuding parents....they pretend to date and become engaged. As Evan and Seth's plan continues to ramp up, so do their feelings for each other. The ending of this charade may prove to completely break them both.

Everything about Our Star-Crossed Kiss worked for me. The characters are awesome and include everyone from the previous books. Evan and Seth have such fantastic chemistry and witty banter. While you could consider this a stand alone, I highly recommend reading the series in order so you have context. The character development is great and the authors continue to introduce a new characters. The level of emotions in this book run high, are expertly written, and make the reader feel exactly what the characters are feeling.

The entire series is awesome and highly recommended. Our Star-Crossed Kiss is exceptional and I loved the book very much. I'm glad I will be able to read the story again anytime I want.

I look forward to the next book.

I was provided a copy of this book to read.

My Rating:

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#Review ~ Morrigan’s Blood by Laura Bickle @Laura_Bickle #UF Urban Fantasy ~ Crow’s Curse, Book One

Garnet has the blood of the legendary Morrigan – and legions of vampires and witches will go to war to possess that power.

Morrigan’s Blood
Crow’s Curse
Book One
Laura Bickle

Genre: Urban Fantasy
Publisher: Syrenka Publishing LLC
Date of Publication: Sept. 25, 2020
Number of pages: 188
Word Count: 57000

Cover Artist: Danielle Fine

Amazon Purchase Link:

About the Book:

Garnet has the blood of the legendary Morrigan – and legions of vampires and witches will go to war to possess that power.

As a trauma surgeon, Garnet Conners has seen more than her fair share of blood. But when one of her patients walks off the operating table and disappears into the night, she finds herself caught in a war between legions of vampires and witches in her city.

Garnet has dreamed of bloody battlefields for years – and a mysterious lover who controls a kingdom. In her waking life, Garnet is shocked to meet that man in a club. Merrel knows her from another life, a life in which she was the legendary Morrigan, goddess of death and war.

Garnet rejects the notion of magical incarnations altogether. But she falls in with Sorin, a handsome warlock who’s determined to protect the former bootlegger city of Riverpointe from a secret society of vampires. Haunted by crows and faced with undeniable proof of magic, Garnet scrambles to protect her career and loved ones from magical violence.

Abducted by vampires who seek to turn her into a vampire against her will, can Garnet seize the power of the legendary Morrigan to forge her own path in her embattled city? Or will she be forced to serve as a fearsome weapon in a deadly nocturnal war?

My Review: 

Told from both a historical point-of-view and a modern setting, the author sets up a story that begins in an ancient time filled with battles, treason, and blood. Lots and lots of blood. We learn about the Morrigan, a vampire, also known as the Queen of the Night. She grants her favors to kings in exchange for blood. I enjoyed reading about Laura Bickle's telling of the Morrigan.

The Queen of the Night's modern day predecessor is Garnet Conners. Garnet is a trauma surgeon extremely dedicated to her work. She works all the time, not giving herself an opportunity for much down town or time out with the few friends she has made. Dreams of blood, battlefields, vampires, and crows begin to crowd her nights. Garnet has always found friends in crows. They have always navigated their way to her, leaving little gifts. 

Garnet's life is about to be rocked at the foundation as she meets one of the men from her dreams in a club. The club later becomes engulfed in flames.  To add to the weirdness, one evening she has a fully sedated patient spring off the OR table, jump out a window, and disappear after being fully surrounded by figures just off hospital grounds. Wait until she finds out she's the reincarnation of the Morrigan, goddess of death and war, also knows as Queen of the Night - and everyone is out to harness her power.

Laura Bickle is one of my favorite authors. She writes interesting and captivating stories. The way she twists the mythology of the Morrigan into a modern-day telling is nothing short of perfection. I was captivated from the start and engaged throughout the book. The references to elemental salamanders reminds me of Sparky, the salamander from the author's Anya Kalinczyk series, and I smile every time she inserts those little Easter eggs. I enjoyed the story of Garnet's life being shaken-up, her fairly realistic-feeling dreams, and her inevitable walk down the path of the supernatural. 

I was provided a copy of this book to read.

My Rating: