Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Release Day #Review ~ Like a Boss (Accidentally Viral #2) by Anne Harper ~ @EntangledPub #Romance


About the Book:

Antonella “Nell” Bennett is having the worst day of her life.

Long-term boyfriend broke up with her? Check.

Drove through the pouring rain to a small roadside restaurant, only to be told all the tables were reserved for “Couples Night”? Check.

Definitely no longer one half of a couple? Check.

So maybe she got a little heated with the restaurant’s host, and maybe her voice carried a bit as she lamented—loudly—that she’s never anyone’s “plus-one.” At least an attractive stranger comes to her rescue, inviting her to be seated with him, and when it turns out to be one of the best nights she’s had in a while, even ending in an innocent kiss that becomes anything but? Check please.

Fast forward a week, and Nell’s rant has gone viral. Sure, her tiny hometown of Arbor Bay is collectively buzzing over their latest Internet celebrity, but Nell’s no stranger to attention. Drama seems to follow her whether she likes it or not.

But even she never expected to show up to work only to discover her brand-new boss is a very familiar face…

Each book in the Accidentally Viral series is STANDALONE:

* Fake It Till You Make It
* Like a Boss

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Book Details:

ASIN: B08Y7M2X81
Publisher: Entangled: Amara
Publication Date: April 19, 2021
Print Length: 238 pages

Like a Boss is a charming contemporary romance set in Alabama. The story follows Antonella (Nell) Bennett post-break up and filled with a little bit of rage. Rage she inadvertently aims toward a restaurant host before being rescued by Quinn Hannigan, a handsome stranger. The best part of the night for Nell is the time spent with Quinn in their short time together. The worst part is she then discovers her rant has gone viral. Now, she can't go anywhere in her small town of Arbor Bay without the stares, whispers, or inappropriate come-ons. Her life is about to take another turn when a familiar face shows up at her place of employment as her new boss.

Like a Boss is a fun book about chance meetings, unexpected attraction, and denial. Nell's character has a sunny personality (when she's not ranting as unsuspecting restaurant hosts) that carries over to all aspects of her life, even after her tirade goes viral. She's definitely a glass-half-full kind of gal. Quinn, on the other hand, is a tad grumpy and pessimistic. He may have helped a random woman at a restaurant, but he wasn't looking for romance. He is very much a stickler for not dating co-workers even when all the laws of attraction are in place.

Quinn was not the best hero I've read. He was way too wishy-washy, and his signals were so mixed. There were so many scenes I cringed at because of his actions and how they affected Nell. Once he pulled his head out of you-know-where, he was great, but it took too long to get there. Nell was a great heroine with a high level of patience, whether pertaining to her job or her relationships. I could see myself being her friend. She has a large, loving family that stands behind her and fully supports and defends her. Nell and Quinn were cute together and I wished Quinn wouldn't have been so rigid.

I still really enjoyed Like a Boss, the characters, and the impending romance. The shenanigans Nell drags Quinn into allow us to see a very different side of him. He also gets to see what small town life can be like. I come from a small town just outside of Flint, Michigan and I can tell you that everyone knows everything and sometimes you have to get creative to solve problems. I enjoyed the town of Arbor Bay and hope we get to see more Accidentally Viral books.

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Thursday, April 15, 2021

Contemporary Romance #Review ~ Warm Nights in Magnolia Bay by Babette de Jongh @Babette_deJongh ~ #Romance @SourcebooksCasa ~ Welcome to Magnolia Bay, Book 1


Warm Nights in Magnolia Bay

by Babette de Jongh

Publication Date: 3/30/2021 

About the Book:

An extraordinary new series from an extraordinary author... 

Abby Curtis lands on her Aunt Reva’s doorstep at Bayside Barn with nowhere to go but up. Learning animal communication from her aunt while taking care of the motley assortment of rescue animals on the farm is an important part of Abby’s healing process. She is eager to begin a new life on her own, but she isn’t prepared for the magnetism between her and her handsome, stubborn and distracting new neighbor. 

Quinn Lockhart snapped up the foreclosed estate next door determined to renovate and flip the beautiful bayou property. It’s all part of a plan to make a financial comeback and reconnect with his estranged son. Definitely not part of the plan is the noisy petting zoo next door dragging down his property value. But getting rid of it becomes more difficult when he falls for the lovely and passionate Abby and bonds with an abandoned wolf dog who’s mournfully waiting for his family to return. For humans and animals alike, it will take all the courage they can muster to learn to love again. But that’s a journey worth taking—with a little help from their furry friends. 

You’ll fall in love right along with Abby as animals and humans alike find unexpected ways to connect, nurture each other, and thrive.

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My Review:

Warm Nights in Magnolia Bay is a cute, small town enemies-to-lovers romance with animals and a bit of mysticism tossed in for good measure. Abby Curtis hits rock bottom and, without any help from her parents, ends up at her Aunt Reva's in Magnolia Bay. Helping Reva run her Bayside Barn, Abby is working through her issues, while trying to pick up the pieces of her life. When Reva is left to run Bayside Barn on her own, calamity rains down on her life, starting with the new distraction next door.

Quinn Lockhart's life has also hit rock bottom. When he snatches up a foreclosed estate in Magnolia Bay, his plans are to fix it up and sell it as fast as possible. The petting zoo with screaming children next door puts a kink in those plans. In the head of the moment Quinn makes an impulsive decision that could very well come back to bite him. This is especially so when he gets involved with Abby and she, along with all the animals, become very dear to him.

I fell in love with Warm Nights in Magnolia Bay from the start. The synopsis intrigued me, and the characters and story pulled me right in, hook, line, and sinker. Abby is an amazingly broken character whose love for her aunt and animals brings her to Magnolia Bay after her life hits rock bottom. Quinn pretends to be hard and uncaring, but Abby and those very same animals find a way to get beneath is skin in the most tender of ways.

The various methods the author uses to connect humans and animals was a fun twist. I enjoyed learning about Abby, Quinn, Sean, Aunt Reva, and the animals attempting to live their best lives in Magnolia Bay. The writing is terrific and descriptive with excellent world building. Highly recommend this read to lovers of contemporary romance.

I was provided a copy of this book to read.

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