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Sweet Regency #Romance #Novella Review ~ Forever Winter by Amber Daulton ~ @AmberDaulton1


A perfect Christmas wedding, a snowstorm, and a shocking secret. What could go wrong?

Susanna Lorican must marry the man she loves before the truth is discovered, or face the gossip of the ton. With an unexpected snowstorm injuring the minister, her future hangs in the balance.

Viscount Camden Beckinworth vows to keep his bride safe, even if he must betray her confidence. When their love is put to the test, how will he uphold her honor without jeopardizing his own?

– Warning: this sweet, complete Regency romance novella features a brief scene where the heroine is assaulted.

– Second edition. Newly revised and edited.


ASIN: ‎ B09976Q87J
Publisher: ‎ Daulton Publishing; 2nd edition (October 5, 2021)
Publication Date: ‎ October 5, 2021
Print Length: ‎ 60 pages

My Review and Rating:

Forever WinterForever Winter by Amber Daulton
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Susanna Lorican is set to wed Viscount Camden Beckinworth but it appears fate is not on their side. The wedding is set at Christmastime, and everything has been perfectly planned. Then the snowstorm hits and their minister is badly hurt. The roads are too dangerous to traverse, making the search for a new minister unattainable, the delivery of the wedding dress unthinkable, and the arrival the guests impossible. The wedding may have to be delayed until spring, distressing Susanna for more than one reason.

The marriage between Susanna and Camden is based on love rather than convenience or familial alliances. I found that to be a refreshing take on a historical romance. So many I read are based on what the groom or the bride’s parents can get out of marrying their daughter off. I know that’s the way that era was in the aristocracy, but Forever Winter was a breath of fresh air. Susanna and Camden are wonderful characters, the setting magical, and the story beautifully written.

The book does have some dark moments, however, and the author writes them with realism, tenderness, and care. Another problem with the regency era was the abuse and assault of women and the lies spread by their assaulters. The author does a remarkable job writing about this particular subject.

 I was provided a copy of this novella to read.

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#Romance #Review ~ How to Survive a Modern-Day Fairy Tale by Elle Cruz @ElleCruz #Romance @EntangledPub

How to Survive a Modern-Day Fairy Tale
by Elle Cruz 

About the Book:

She didn't believe in fairy tales...until Prince Charming found her. 

Claire Ventura is nothing like the poised and perfect heroines she reads about in her favorite romance novels. She's a quirky, people-pleasing bookworm with a loving yet obliviously intrusive family and a passion for cookie decorating—all rolled into a five-foot-two Filipina American fueled by chamomile tea.

Then she meets Nate, billionaire CEO of a global tech company, the modern-day Prince Charming who sweeps her off her feet. Though he does his best to convince Claire that he's genuinely head over heels for her, she knows he'll soon realize she's more underwhelming Plain Jane than jet-setting socialite. And once he meets her family, if their initial questioning doesn't scare him off, then their tendency to decide "what's best for her" certainly will.

Between her whirlwind romance with Nate and her meddlesome family, Claire wishes she had a fairy godmother to guide her. But this is the real world in the twenty-first century, and the only way to get her happily ever after is by grabbing firm hold of what she really wants—and letting her heart be her guide.

My Review and Rating:

How to Survive a Modern-Day Fairy TaleHow to Survive a Modern-Day Fairy Tale by Elle Cruz
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Sometimes the knight-in-shining-armor you aren't looking for, shows up in the most unlikely place.

How to Survive a Modern-Day Fairy Tale was a great romance with layers, emotions, and insta-love. Claire Ventura is part of a large Filipino-American family. They meddle, they argue, they control, but they also love fiercely. Unfortunately, stuck in the middle of all that meddling, arguing, control and love is Claire. She’s a people pleaser, compassionate, and quirky.

I sometimes felt her family members took advantage of that good heart and people-pleasing personality. Claire has goals, dreams, and wishes but certain family members discount them as silly, hobbies, or no way to survive. Her accidental meeting of Nate Noruta turned her life upside-down. Their whirlwind romance was cute, intense, and steamy. I really found them to click, connecting on more than a superficial level.

I loved how Nate brought the best out in Claire. He loved her, encouraged her to follow her dreams, and bent over backwards to be there for her. Yes, he’s a workaholic but he always made as much time for Claire as he could. His character is wonderful and being with Claire just enhanced him and his work-life balance. Unfortunately, Claire continues to get inside her own head. Not a believer in fairy tales, Claire was really hard on herself through the entire book. She questioned by Nate would want to be with her instead of a rich and beautiful socialite.

Nate’s backstory was sparce and he learned all about Claire’s family but never really gave Claire any info about his. When his past is finally revealed, I was disappointed in Nate’s actions, Claire’s actions, and the contribution to their conflict. I wish we would have gotten a more in-depth look at Nate’s family dynamics. I still enjoyed both characters, the story, and the plot.

I felt there was a lot of me in Claire’s character, so I was able to connect with her on many levels in this book. My vibrant, fun, and larger-than-life grandmama spent the last five years of her life with Alzheimer’s disease. I met my husband online, we dated for 1 ½ months before I uprooted my life and moved an hour and a half away to be with him, and we married a couple years later. My personality is similar to Claire’s and I’m a people-pleaser. I loved learning about Claire and watching her evolve throughout the story.

I was provided a copy of this book to read.  

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#Romance Review ~ Sweet (Love Stories on 7th and Main Book 4) by Elizabeth Hunter ~ @EHunterWrites #Novella

Sweet is a standalone romance novella from USA Today Bestselling author, Elizabeth Hunter.

About the Book:

He survived by always being in control. She’s about to make him melt.

It’s 2004, and Daisy Rivera knows two things: she’s going to end up disappointing her parents’ fondest hopes and dreams in roughly six months, and somehow she’s going to figure out how to kiss the mysterious tattoo artist two shops down from her grandmother’s cafe that everyone calls Spider.

Spider Villalobos knows one thing: if he gives into temptation and makes a move on Daisy, his fresh start is over.

Their shops may be neighbors in Metlin, but their lives are worlds apart. Sweet is an all new novella in the Love Stories on 7th and Main series by USA Today bestselling author, Elizabeth Hunter.

Fall in love today!

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About Elizabeth Hunter:

ELIZABETH HUNTER is a USA Today and international best-selling author of romance, contemporary fantasy, and paranormal mystery. Based in Central California, she travels extensively to write fantasy fiction exploring world mythologies, history, and the universal bonds of love, friendship, and family. She has published over thirty works of fiction and sold over a million books worldwide. She is the author of Love Stories on 7th and Main, the Elemental Legacy series, the Irin Chronicles, the Cambio Springs Mysteries, and other works of fiction.

My Review and Rating:

Sweet (7th and Main, #4)Sweet by Elizabeth Hunter
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Sweet is the fourth book in the 7th and Main series by Elizabeth Hunter. While it is the fourth book, Sweet jumps back to the head of the line and is more along the lines of the series’ prologue. We know and love Daisy and Spider from Ink, Hooked, and Grit but in Sweet we get to experience the events that bring them together.

Sweet is a brilliant romance with descriptive world-building that took me right into the story. The author provided essential information to make the story believable. The plot and setting were perfectly paired into a wonderfully romantic tale with pacing that will keep you engaged without moving too fast or lagging. I was able to visualize each moment that happened within the pages, immersing me further into the world set on 7th and Main.

I loved Daisy and Spider’s characters. They were written realistically with personality that leapt off the pages, wonderful dialogue, and enjoyable dialogue. The chemistry between the two is electric and you can tell they are totally into each other from the very beginning. The entire book was filled with fun and sass with some serious and emotional moments.

Elizabeth Hunter’s 7th and Main series is phenomenal. The author writes books that require emotional responses from the reader. You can’t read her books without feeling exactly what she is portraying. All of Elizabeth's novels reach deep within my emotional center and manage to trigger reactionary responses. These types of books are my favorite. The emotions don't have to always include tears; it is just the ability to invoke proper emotional responses to scenarios being played out.

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Paranormal Book Review ~ The Foe in the Forest (Stonehaven Mysteries, Book 3) by Linn Chapel @LinnChapel ~ #Paranormal #PNR ~ A Cozy Paranormal Mystery Novella


Danger’s afoot in Stonehaven’s forest, and Marc Chevalier is determined to track it down before his treasured estate on the coast of Maine can be destroyed by a hidden foe.

Meanwhile, his mother has spotted Laurel Bachmann in the dining room of a local inn, only the beautiful young photojournalist was in the company of another man. Has she forgotten about Marc so soon?

As for Laurel, all of her helicopter flights to photograph the scenic Maine coast from the air had been going very well until they'd been suddenly interrupted by the Bar Harbor police, who'd showed up unexpectedly at the Schoodic Inn to search her luggage. Now she’s being detained for questioning in the Bar Harbor station, and only Marc knows what to do.

The Cat has his worries, too. His suspicious nature is alerted when two trespassers wash ashore at Stonehaven during a spring squall. One of them is a secretive man who hurries through the forest, bent on some unknown mission, and the other is a bedraggled feline. She may have the prettiest eyes the Cat has ever seen, but she’s frightened of him and she does her best to hide herself in Stonehaven’s forest.



Publication Date: ‎ December 8, 2021
Print Length: ‎ 178 pages

My Review and Rating:

The Foe in the Forest : A Cozy Paranormal Mystery Novella (Stonehaven Mysteries Book 3)The Foe in the Forest : A Cozy Paranormal Mystery Novella by Linn Chapel
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Book 3 finds Laurel back in Bar Harbor, Maine. On an adventure with a friend photographing the coast of Maine, Laurel winds up the suspect of a major jewelry heist. Apparently, one of the missing gems is located in Laurel’s luggage. Marc manages to obtain permission from the local police for Laurel, and eventually her photography pal, Brandon, to be housed at Stonehaven instead inside a jail cell. Not one to just sit on the sidelines, both Laurel and Marc being their own investigation.

In the meantime, Marc observes some geological disturbances around Stonehaven that one day may compromise their location. He’s also noticed some unusual weather patterns to the north of the mansion. As Laurel and Marc investigate some of the occurrences, they come across some potential clues to the jewelry theft. Unfortunately, their method of obtaining the information cannot be provided to the police so they must search the forest around Stonehaven for tangible evidence of wrongdoing.

It was inevitable Laurel finds herself back in Stonehaven with Marc and his mother. Laurel and Marc are destined to be together, whether they admit it or not. The character development and world building continue in The Foe in the Forest. The tension between Laurel and Marc is palpable. They are still tap dancing around their feelings throughout the book. Laurel needs a safe and sound future and Marc can’t be that guy. Or can he?

I really love the Stonehaven Mystery series by Linn Chapel. The setting was spectacular, and I felt like I was at the mansion, in the foggy forest, or in the dining room with some of the characters. I was first introduced to the books on BookSirens. When book 3 never made it there, I purchased a copy of The Foe in the Forest from Amazon. The series intrigues me, and I look forward to the next book.

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Paranormal Women's Fiction Review ~ The Yule Log: A Paranormal Women's Fiction Novel: (Remarkable Remedies) (Haven Hollow Book 12) by H.P. Mallory and J.R. Rain @HPMallory


It’s December 21 and the first night of the celebration of Yule!

Much to Lorcan’s feigned irritation, Wanda is in the midst of throwing a Yule celebratory party at one of his numerous residences within Haven Hollow.

But, yuletide exaltation is hardly on his mind. The only thing Lorcan can think about, other than the long and smooth line of Wanda’s delicate neck, is his Yule gift still awaiting her.

But, as with most things involving the vampire and the Blood Witch, not everything goes to plan.

When Lorcan imbibes one too many blood-chatas (ten, to be exact), memories of his unfortunate childhood revisit him and before he can stop himself, he’s waxing… well, not exactly poetic.

Faced with a ruined holiday party and feeling sorry for himself, Lorcan turns his anger on the Yule log, something which will prove to be quite the big mistake…



Publisher: ‎ Rain Press
Publication Date: ‎ December 21, 2021
Print Length: ‎ 123 pages

My Review:

Lorcan is one of my favorites in this series and I'm so happy this novella was narrated by him. His relationship with Wanda is touchy but I love seeing the more romantic side of them. The Yule Log isn't without it's strife though, and now Lorcan has to try and undo the mistakes he makes at Wanda's Yule Celebration.

The Yule Log is a wonderful novella in the Haven Hollow series by H.P. Mallory and J.R. Rain. This writing duo brings interesting stories, intriguing characters, and thought-provoking mysteries to life. I love visiting Haven Hallow and really enjoyed Wanda and Lorcan. The character development provides history and growth, and the world-building creates a fantastic world to watch the characters do their thing.

I was provided a copy of this book to read.

My Rating:

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#Paranormal Women's Fiction #PWF Review ~ Mystic Veil (Poppy's Potions, #4) by H.P. Mallory and J.R. Rain ~ @HPMallory #JRRain


Paranormal Women’s Fiction from #1 Amazon bestseller, J.R. Rain, and New York Times bestseller, H.P. Mallory!

When my son, Finn, freaks out after seeing a stranger peering in through his window, I have a feeling something wicked this way comes. Unfortunately, it’s not long before reports of the same peeping tom come pouring in from all around Haven Hollow, but no one knows who this guy is or what he wants.

And, when my good friend Henner reports a disturbance in his home, the Tayir Mansion, that culminates with the disappearance of his housekeeper and a room full of bloody handprints, I have a feeling things are about to take a downward spiral very quickly.

To make matters worse, my personal life seems to be equally out of control—there’s my ex-boyfriend, Roy, who keeps trying to salvage our relationship, and then there’s also my best friend, Marty, who’s giving me puppy dog eyes of his own.

As if peeping toms, missing housekeepers, amorous ex-boyfriends, and equally amorous best friends aren’t stressful enough, there’s also a void we discover in the laundry room of Henner’s house. And that void has recently been breached, which means either someone entered or someone escaped…


Publisher: ‎ Rain Press (December 11, 2021)
Publication Date: ‎ December 11, 2021
Print Length: ‎ 241 pages

My Review:

Something is loose in Haven Hollow. The stranger is going house-to-house peering into bedrooms all through town. No one knows what he wants since no one can seem to catch him. In the meantime, Henner reports strange goings-on in the Tayir Mansion. His housekeeper suddenly disappeared and there's so much blood in one of the rooms, one can only suspect foul play. Plus, the group discovers a recently breached void in the mansion's laundry room. Now to figure out who or what breached the void. To make matters a bit more uncomfortable, Roy is still pining for Poppy and Marty seems to be taking his adoration up-a-notch since Poppy and Roy broke up. 

Poppy is a wonderful character. The town of Haven Hollow is mysterious and full of interesting characters. Haven Hollow is also in danger. The characters just can't figure out from whom or what. Figuring it out takes an act of bravery on Poppy and Wanda's account.

Mystic Veil is a wonderful fourth book in the Poppy’s Potions series by H.P. Mallory and J.R. Rain. This writing duo brings interesting stories, intriguing characters, and thought-provoking mysteries to life. The character development provides history and growth, and the world-building creates a fantastic world to watch the characters do their thing.

I was provided a copy of this book to read.

My Rating: