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New Release & #Review ~ Love Potions: Witch Romance Anthology ~ @AnnGimpel ~ Ellis Leigh, Debra Dunbar, Celia Kyle & Marina Maddix, Mindy Klasky, Tasha Black, Ann Gimpel, & V. Vaughn #TimeTravel #PNR #Romance


Enjoy the magic of love with us! This collection of witch romance stories by six NY Times, USA Today and Bestselling authors will trap you in its spell. This box set is designed to introduce you to new authors and new series. Happy Reading!

Claiming His Witch - Ellis Leigh

After her coven shuns her for a mating prescribed by the fates, water witch Azurine will have to break every boundary to prove her love, her loyalty, and that the Fates couldn't possibly be wrong.

Brimstone and Broomsticks - Debra Dunbar

A family of witches, a sexy stranger, a missing werewolf, and a whole town of paranormal suspects! Who knew a demon could be so hellishly sexy? Or that his arrival could cause so much trouble in a town full of werewolves, trolls, and harpies?

Witch in Charge - Celia Kyle & Marina Maddix

It's all fun and games until Kelly's gargoyle statue turns into a real man... Except, Kelly has far more important things to focus on--such as finding her family's missing spell book so she can figure out how to rein in the uncontrollable Hollow House, impress her dubious boss, and break the curse that turns Ronun to stone for half the day.

The Library, the Witch, and the Warder - Mindy Klasky

David Montrose has been fired from protecting Washington’s witches, and now he’s stuck in a dead-end clerical job. His father says he's disgraced the family name. Instead of sympathizing, his best friend is dragging him into an all-out supernatural war. When David is summoned back to warder status, he must figure out how to juggle work, warfare, and warding—or all of magical Washington will pay the price!

Break This – Tasha Black

Sparks fly when a world class MMA fighting bear shifter, and a plus sized model with a special talent end up as unlikely allies. Thea knows Chance is off limits, so why can't she help losing herself to desire every time he's near?

Timespell, Elemental Witch Book One - Ann Gimpel

Katerina eats, sleeps, and breathes cultural anthropology, her single-minded focus a hedge against concerns something isn’t quite right. She’s on a lecture tour in the Scottish Highlands when hallucinations grab her, visions rife with horrors straight out of medieval folklore. A hunky arch Druid figures things out, but selling Katarina on her witch heritage is way harder than he anticipated.

Wildest Bear – V. Vaughn

Twins are a lot of work, even for a witch. But when the toddlers start shifting into bear cubs in a world where they are not welcome, Tally and Marcel have to find a way to keep them, and their marriage, safe.


ASIN: ‎ B09Z8NKZ42
Publisher: ‎ Sugarloaf Press (April 29, 2022)
Publication Date: ‎ April 29, 2022
Print Length: ‎ 1326 pages

My Review and Rating:

Love Potions: Witch Romance AnthologyLove Potions: Witch Romance Anthology by V. Vaughn
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Love Potions is a newly released 6 novel, witch romance anthology/box set.
I read Timespell, Elemental Witch, Book One, by Ann Gimpel for this anthology. I plan to read the other five books soon, as well.

Katerina Roskelly has traveled to Scotland to present some research on Scottish clans. While there unusually happenings take place and Katerina fears she’s losing her mind. There is a history of mental illness in her family stemming back to her great-great-grandmother. Kat was certain she’d missed the opening for mental illness but her time in Scotland has proved otherwise. Or has it?

Arlen MacGregor is the Arch Druid for Great Britain. Fortunately, he hasn’t had to rely on, or use, his magic much lately. When he attends a lecture by an American anthropologist, all that changes when he feels otherworldly forces surrounding her. Arlen realizes Katerina is from the line of Roskelly witches, a violent clan of magic doers. Now he must find out why these otherworldly forces are set on capturing Katrina and prevent her from walking in the shoes of her ancestors.

I enjoyed the lowkey attraction between Arlen and Kat. They have a rocky beginning but who wouldn’t if you had a person tell you you’re from a long line of evil witches. Her tune changes a bit the first time she travels back in time. Once Kat realizes and understands the implications of who she is, her family lineage, and the dangers she faces, she allows herself to open up to Arlen. I enjoyed their interactions.

This story is original, fun, and fast-paced. I was engaged from the first paragraph. The plot flows smoothly and the author created wonderful characters, a fantastic story, and vivid and descriptive scenery. I have yet to read a book from Ann Gimpel that isn't written well or exciting. Her weaving of stories and tales makes for great entertainment and when I start a book, it's hard to put it down.

I was provided a copy of this book to read.

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