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Release Day Review ~ A Greene Family Christmas by Piper Rayne ~ @PiperRayneRocks @valentine_pr_

A Greene Family Christmas by Piper Rayne is now live!

Preparing a Christmas to remember is no small feat with a family the size of the Greenes.

Especially when the woman who has always been the planner down to every minute detail, falls ill only five days before the holiday. The family has no choice but to scramble to ensure that nothing is amiss. Cookies need to be decorated, gingerbread houses assembled and decorations to be hung. They’ll need all hands on deck, both young and old, to make this holiday happen. But of course, what would a Greene Christmas be if not chaotic with a dash of drama?

My Review:

Fast-forward 12 years, and we have the same Greene clan with some additional family members. I loved every inch of this book but it also made me a bit emotional. Hank and Marla are now the same age as my parents. Some of their kids are mine and my sister's ages. It was like reading about our families. I was happy to see where the Greene family is in 12 years but, like my last 12 years, the time just flew. I don't know that I was anymore ready for the Greene's in the future than I was to watch my parents age into their late 60's/early 70's, my step-daughter graduate, or my nephew start high school in the past couple of years.

Piper Rayne wrote a beautiful ending to the Greene series. I was engaged in the story from page one. The writing, the characters, the setting, and the story took my breath away. I couldn't put the book down and finished it in one sitting. I'm going to miss the focus on the Greene's but I know we aren't done yet. We still have one more Greene to watch get his happily-ever-after. I also know that I can revisit each Greene's story anytime I want.

I was provided a copy of this book to read.

My Rating:

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Narrated by Joe Arden & Maxine Mitchell

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Meet Piper Rayne:

Piper Rayne is a USA Today Bestselling Author duo who write "heartwarming humor with a side of sizzle" about families, whether that be blood or found. They both have e-readers full of one-clickable books, they're married to husbands who drive them to drink, and they're both chauffeurs to their kids. Most of all, they love hot heroes and quirky heroines who make them laugh, and they hope you do, too!

Connect with Piper Rayne:

Website: www.PiperRayne.com

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/15810938.Piper_Rayne

Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Piper-Rayne/e/B01ND0R15R

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Resting Witch Face: Second Chance Vampire Romance (Stay a Spell, Book 5) by Juliette Cross @Juliette__Cross

About the Book:

Twelve years ago, Jules Savoie ended her relationship with the vampire overlord of New Orleans, Ruben Dubois. For good reasons. A woman in power must often make sacrifices to protect others. She knows the truth of it down to her aching heart.

When Ruben watches his best friend Devraj get married, a stinging realization hits him hard…he’s done waiting. They say time heals all wounds. In this case, it merely sharpened the pain and made one fact crystal clear. Jules Savoie is his soulmate, and nothing would keep her from him. Not anymore.

Forced to work side by side to fight for the werewolf cause, they campaign together at covens from New Orleans to London. The reignited spark burns hotter than ever before. But when a power-hungry vampire sets his predatory sights on Jules, will their love be strong enough against black magic? Or will he lose her again? And this time, maybe…for good.

My Review:

Resting Witch Face is the amazing fifth book in the Stay a Spell series. We've watched Jules and Ruben dance around each other through the entire series. Now it's time to see them come face-to-face when they have to work together to bring the supernatural community into the current century. As Jules and Ruben campaign for the werewolves, Jules is secretly being hunted by a different predator. One that is intent on make Jules his, whether she agrees to it or not.

I loved Jules and Ruben's story so much. They have explosive chemistry and the author did a great job portraying it throughout the book. As much as Jules protested, the reader knows Ruben is her destiny. Sure, she can be an independent woman who don't need no man, but having a partner by your side has it's own set of benefits. Her reasoning for keeping Ruben at arm's length is sound and I understand her thought process but sometimes you just have to take a leap of faith. 

Juliette Cross did a spectacular job writing Jules and Ruben's HEA. I love her writing style and the way she tells her stories. She creates paranormal stories with romance, action, and drama, and each one has  a solid plot, exciting and lovable characters, and a great setting. 

I was provided a copy of this book to read.

My Rating:

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#Review ~ The Matchmaker and the Cowboy (Windsong Book 2) by Robin Bielman #ContemporaryRomance #Cowboy #Designer @RobinBielman @EntangledPub

Publisher: ‎ Entangled: Amara
Publication Date: ‎ October 25, 2022
Print length ‏ : ‎ 309 pages

Amazon: https://amzn.to/3fjiI6y

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/62674342-the-matchmaker-and-the-cowboy

About the Book:

Callie Carmichael has a gift for making bridesmaid dresses—some even call them magical. Somehow, every person who’s worn one of her dresses has found love. Real love. And as long as that happily-ever-after is for someone else, Callie is happy. Because she’s fully over getting her heart broken…which is why her new roommate is definitely going to be a problem.

After being overseas for six months, Callie’s only choice is to stay with her best friend’s ridiculously hot brother, Hunter Owens. Cowboy, troublemaker, and right now, the town’s most coveted bachelor. Only, Hunter isn’t quite the player she thought. And if it weren’t for her whole “no more love” thing, their setup could get confusing really fast.

Now, Hunter wants Callie to make him a best man suit—a “lucky for love” kind of suit. But what happens if she makes the suit and he finds true love…and it isn't her?

My Review:

The Matchmaker and the Cowboy is a fantastic contemporary romance. Callie Carmichael is back home after six months in Africa. Her future plans include building up her business creating and making bridesmaids dresses, especially for the Maid-of-Honor. She loves watching the wearers of her designs fall in love, as long as it's not her. After her parents as role models and the horrible relationships she's endured, Callie isn't looking for love. Try telling that to her new roommate, her bestie's brother. 

This book is full of emotion, realism, laughter, and love. I enjoyed every second of the banter and flirting between Callie and Hunter. Their chemistry is off the charts, realistic, and believable. The book is infused with laughter, snark, and intense emotional scenes. There are several themes running through this book that will keep the reader intrigued, engaged, and invested in the stories. An enjoyable, fast-paced book with wonderful main and secondary characters, The Matchmaker and the Cowboy is a must read!

I was provided a copy of this book.

My Rating:

Monday, October 24, 2022

Book #Review ~ The Dark King (Deviant Kings, Book 1) by Gina L. Maxwell #Romance #FantasyRomance @EntangledPub @Gina_L_Maxwell


About the  Book:

For Bryn Meara, a free trip to the exclusive and ultra-luxe Nightfall hotel and casino in Vegas should’ve been the perfect way to escape the debris of her crumbling career. But waking up from a martini-and-lust-fueled night to find herself married to Caiden Verran, the reclusive billionaire who owns the hotel and most of the city, isn’t the jackpot one would think. It seems her dark and sexy new husband is actual royalty—the fae king of the Night Court—and there’s an entire world beneath the veil of Vegas.

Whether light or shadow, the fae are a far cry from fairy tales, and now they’ve made Bryn a pawn in their dark games for power. And Caiden is the most dangerous of all—an intoxicating cocktail of sin and raw, insatiable hunger. She should run. But every night of passion pulls Bryn deeper into his strange and sinister world, until she’s no longer certain she wants to leave…even if she could.

Amazon: https://amzn.to/3sFKqxv

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/60316870-the-dark-king

Publisher: ‎ Entangled: Amara
Publish Date: September 27, 2022
Paperback: ‎ 352 pages
ISBN-10: ‎ 1649373279
ISBN-13: ‎ 978-1649373274

My Review:

The Dark King is a spicy blend of erotica and BDSM with romance, feelings, and emotions. Toss in a curse, a clandestine plot for power, and a surprise twist or two and you have an amazing fantasy romance. Once I started reading The Dark King, the book was hard to put down. I enjoyed Bryn's fierceness and ability to put Caiden in his place, king of the fae or not. I equally enjoyed Caiden's character as he tried so hard not catch feelings for Bryn but failed epically. 

The author wrote a tantalizing and steamy story that included a spectacular plot. The characters were amazing and I love how they all interacted, whether it was positive or negative. The conversations flowed and the book was told from multiple POVs. 

While I was provided a paperback of this book to read, all thoughts and opinions are my own.

My Rating:

Wednesday, October 12, 2022

Book #Review: Bad Hair Day (Ever Dark Academy, Book 4) by H.P. Mallory ~ New Adult Paranormal Romance #NA #PNR @HPMallory


Book Details:

ASIN: ‎ B0B4F8W3H6
Publication Date: ‎ September 23, 2022
Print Length: ‎ 182 pages

Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/61432979-bad-hair-day

Amazon: https://amzn.to/3MaovY3

About the Book:

With Griim gone, I can’t seem to beat my own melancholy.

Sure, Harlow and Jean-Claude do their best to help me through the grief but they didn’t care for Griim the way I did.

Truly, Griim was my best friend in Dread.

So, when I discover a way to bring Cackus back from whatever portal he was delivered to, I realize in bringing Cackus back, I can brink Griim back.

Now I’ll need to face the challenge of gathering the items necessary to complete the spell and to do that, I’ll need to get Jean-Claude on board.

Too bad things between Jean-Claude and I are as confusing as ever. Same with Harlow. But I can’t think about my confusing feelings for either of them, not when getting Griim back is way more important.

And, all the while, I’m fully aware that Arcadia is just waiting in the wings, ready to declare war on Dread yet again.

My Review:

Bad Hair Day has a rough start. Everly missed Griim tremendously and is having a hard time working through her grief. She has plenty of distractions in the form of an incubus, a vampire, and a shadow demon but they can't take the place of Griim. Everly is able to read parts of the jpurnal and may have found a way to return Cackus to Dread from wherever he was banished. Cackus' return also means the return of Griim. She instantly recruits Jean-Claude and they set about getting what she needs. 

In the midst of getting Cackus and Griim back, Riven, Jean-Claude, Harlow, and Everly are not naive to the fact that Arcadia is amassing an army to push through another assault on Dread. New information, however, makes those in Dread even more determined to shut down Arcadia for good.

This final story is full of emotion, action, drama, and suspense. I am so sad to say goodbye to these characters. I've enjoyed meeting them, getting to know them, and watching them develop. I love the interactions between Everly and her guys. I'm glad I can revisit Dread anytime I want.

I was provided a copy of this book to read.

My Rating:

Monday, October 10, 2022

#ContemporaryRomance #Review ~ 'Tis the Season to Kiss Santa by Kate Hardy #Romance @katehardyauthor @EntanglePub


Book Details:

ASIN ‏ : ‎ B00FO6B52W
Publisher ‏ : ‎ Entangled: Indulgence
Publication Date: ‎ November 26, 2012
Print Length: ‎ 95 pages

About the Book:

With the help of a sprig of mistletoe and some snow angels, a recently single pastry chef teaches a highly successful and sexy Scrooge the true meaning of the holidays on a snowy Christmas Eve that quickly heats up.

My Review:

'Tis the Season to Kiss Santa was a spicy novella set in Philly. Mitch Carter is a PR exec who's been given the task of playing Santa for a Christmas party in the local hospice ward at the children's hospital. Christmas doesn't sit well with Mitch but if he wants a chance to take over the PR agency in the near future, he dons the costume.

Ellie Brown has flown across the pond from the UK to Philly to care for her godmother. Part of that assistance is playing Head Elf to Santa during the party. A lover of all things Christmas, helping her godmother and spending time fawning over children is right up her alley. It's too bad that Santa Claus doesn't appear to want to be taking part.

During the party, a severe snowstorm develops, and Mitch and Ellie find themselves spending Christmas Eve together; snowbound at Ellie's home. I loved watching their romance develop in this short and quick novella. For once, this Christmas will be a joyful one for Mitch, and for Ellie, to remember and cherish.

I was provided a copy of this book to read.

My Rating:

Thursday, October 6, 2022

Book #Review ~ God of War: Greek Mythology Romance (Gates of the Underworld, Book 4) by H.P. Mallory and J.R. Rain @HPMallory #Romance

Publisher: ‎ Rain Press
Publication Date: ‎ September 2, 2022
Print Length: ‎ 226 pages

Amazon: https://amzn.to/3fyFCq3

About the Book:

The Fourth Gate of the Underworld is a landscape of ice and death…

The first three gates were no walk in the park, but when I arrive at Gate Four, I face all new horrors.

Led by the infamous Fallen God, Chaena, Gate Four is a land of neverending winter, of ice and snow amid a blizzard that could put Minnesota weather to shame.

As if the weather wasn’t bad enough, this level of the Underworld is also guarded by ice fae, whose touch is lethal and who seem like they really want to touch me.

At least I have the hunky Adonis by my side—a man who has become my friend, my protector, and my lover.

Strangely enough, I’m starting to believe I might be able to add one other person to that list (er, not the lover part)… Hades, The Lord of the Underworld, the supreme god of this terrible place.


Believe it or not, Hades keeps popping in at the most unexpected moments to deliver me from whatever awfulness I’m facing. And he’s got a message for me: he’s rooting for me, whatever that means.

I can only hope I survive Gate Four and Chaena’s deathly winter so I can make it to the Fifth Gate and finally face-off with Ares.

GOD OF WAR is a medium-burn romance that’s rated 18 + owing to adult stuff.

My Review:

God of War is the exciting fourth book in the Gates of the Underworld series. Pen and Adonis are currently working their way through the 4th gate. The frozen tundra has surprises around every corner and danger lurks among the ice and snow. With only limited days left, Pen and Adonis have no time to waste, even when the ice fae attempt to slow them down.

God of War is a breath of fresh air in the world of Greek mythology. The world building by HP Mallory and JR Rain is continues to be vibrant and full of detail and the characters are multi-faceted and complex. The story is engaging and full of action and adventure. I was immersed in the story of Penelope, Adonis, and the Greek Gods and Goddesses woven throughout the tale.

I was provided a copy of this book to read.

My Rating:

Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Book #Review ~ The Girl in the Dark (The Dark Circus Trilogy, Book 3) by J.R. Rain & H.P. Mallory @HPMallory

The final volume in “The Dark Circus Trilogy” where the line between the real and the imagined is a thin one...

Publisher: ‎ Rain Press
Publication Date: ‎ September 30, 2022
Print Length: ‎ 197 pages

After escaping the Cirque Du Noir, I head home, back to the family farm.

But I never make it.

Once I disembark the train, I’m accosted by none other than Rex, the foreman of the circus, and another man I’ve never seen before.

One who holds a gun to my face.

Forced back to the circus, I’m now more keen than ever to solve the mystery of the darkness that seems to absorb everyone who not only works for the circus, but who attends it.

The answers I find, I’m not prepared for.

And the truth regarding the mystery of Cirque Du Noir is one I wish I’d never discovered.

My Review:

In book 2, The Girl on the Poster, Bindi fled the Cirque Du Noir and located some information about the troupe that is highly disturbing. The beginning of The Girl in the Dark finds Bindi trying to process what she's found. Before she can truly act on the information she discovered, Rex locates her and forces her back to the circus. Her curiosity, and anger, fully piqued, Bindi tries harder than ever to figure out what is going on behind the scenes. When she discovers the truth, Bindi's world crashes down around her.

This final book in the trilogy is suspenseful and kept me on the edge of my seat. Questions are answered, revealing shocking truths. Answers I was not prepared for and an ending that left me stunned. I was expecting and hoping for a different outcome. While I was disappointed, the ending of the book was still perfectly executed, and buttoned up this trilogy the best way it could.

This book will draw you in and keep you engaged from the start. The characters are complex, well-written, and interesting. This writing due certainly knows how to keep me on the edge of my seat.

I was provided a copy of this book to read.

My Rating: