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Paranormal Romance #Review ~ The Good Daughter (Dragon's Birthright, Book 1) by H.P. Mallory and J.R. Rain #PNR #DragonShifter #Dragon #Shifter


ASIN: ‎ B0BV19R3B4
Publisher: ‎ Rain Press (February 5, 2023)
Publication Date: ‎ February 5, 2023
Print Length: ‎ 211 pages


About the Book:

Five years ago, I was banished from my father’s kingdom even though I was his favorite of his three daughters once upon a time.

Then my father lost his mind, and with no one else willing to take care of him, I took the responsibility upon myself.

We’ve been running ever since.

My two sisters, each queen of their own bordering territories, want ownership of my father’s lands, and they’ll stop at nothing to assume that ownership.

Even if it means killing my father and me.

Which is why we’ve been kidnapped by mercenaries.

But one man among the group of lewd mercenaries stands out…

Devon is withdrawn, quiet, and easily the leader of the pack, though no one seems to know him well.

When I’m entrusted into his care, I find myself fighting the natural attraction I feel towards him, fighting the stupid desire to paint him as anything other than a man being paid to deliver me to my death.

And yet, there’s something unearthly about Devon—something about how he appears to have super-human strength and speed, something about the detailed stories he tells around the campfire, vividly bringing to light the history of the noblest of creatures: the dragon.

Something that tells me maybe this man isn’t all he appears to be…

My Review:

Selena was banished five years prior for refusing to marry her father's choice for her when the time came. Now, Selena is on the run with her father, who's cognitive condition is in a constant state of declination. The Good Daughter begins with an emotional and heart-wrenching scene. The state of Uther hit me hard and drew on my own experiences caring for a loved one in his condition. My heart broke for Selena. 

Through their travels, Selena and Uther have managed to evade capture until they stop in one small village for rest and a meal. A band of mercenaries track and kidnap them, having been hired by one of Selena's sisters. What follows is a tale of deception and double-cross that has Selena twisted up in knots.

Her captor is alluring and isn't all that he appears. There is a secret hiding within Devon. While Selena wants to believe he's a good person, she can't help but think about everything he's done in their short time together. 

Selena is a strong heroine and as much as I'd like to praise Devon has a great hero, he does some pretty sketchy things in The Good Daughter. I really hope he redeems himself, and in a spectacular fashion. I enjoyed every single thing about this story. The setting is simple yet perfect for the story being told. The characters are three-dimensional, interesting, and written well. I'm excited to see where these two extraordinary authors take us in book two.

I was provided a copy of this book to read.

My Rating:

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Cover Reveal Sign Up Invitation - Crimson Winter: City of Ruby by Justine Alley Dowsett - Young Adult, SciFi, Fantasy, Adventure #YA #SciFi #Fantasy (March 1, 2023) @MirrorWorldPub


Mirror World Publishing and Sapphyria's Book Promotions present the cover reveal for Crimson Winter: City of Ruby by Justine Alley Dowsett.

About Crimson Winter: City of Ruby:

Reeling after the fall of the Kingdom of Taiyou, Yukari Namikoya and her remaining allies find themselves reduced to scared refugees hidden far below the earth in the Temple of Machalite. The dreaded Lady Lilyth rules in Taiyou now and threatens to bring the whole world under her dominion one piece at a time.

And what the Lady Lilyth can't control, she plans to destroy.

In a desperate bid for the survival and freedom of the various races of Crimson Winter, Yukari must seek to uncover secrets the Vile Emperor has kept hidden for a millenia and in order to do this, she has to journey to the last place she'd ever thought she'd go - the Ruby City.

Genres: Young Adult, SciFi, Fantasy, Adventure

****This cover is suitable for all blogs/websites/social media accounts.

This cover reveal event is for March 1, 2023. I don't require top or only post of the day for any of my tours. Materials will include a standard post and an HTML.

Launch Date is scheduled for April 17 and there will be a one-week tour announcement following the cover reveal.

Sign up at this link or use the form below:

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Saph's Cozy Corner is hosting a #Bookmark #G1veaway

 It's bookmark giveaway time!

(Photo is an example. Bookmark prize~variety of bookmarks and quantities~may be different than shown.)

(Photo is an example. Bookmark prize~variety of bookmarks and quantities~may be different than shown.)

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#Review ~ Bite of the Gargoyle: A Standalone Fantasy Romance Novel by H.P. Mallory and J.R. Rain ~ #FantasyRomance #Fantasy #Romance #HPMallory #JRRain #Gargoyle


Publisher: ‎ Rain Press (January 16, 2023)
Publication Date: ‎ January 16, 2023
Print Length: ‎ 231 pages


I’m a hunter.

But I don’t hunt the usual game you might find in forests—I hunt monsters.

For most of my adult life, I’ve imagined the moment I finally come across a certain vampire—the one who took my family from me and left me with a scar on my wrist in the shape of a bite.

All my kills are leading up to this one moment—the moment I end the bastard for good.

So when I find myself face to face with what I think is a vampire in the woods—one with the same eyes, the same long, black hair, and the same snarling fangs as the one all those years ago, I make my move.

But this monster won’t be taken down so easily.

It’s not long before I find myself in over my head because this is no ordinary vampire—this one can take the shape of mist just as quickly as he can shift into the form of a gargoyle.

Outmaneuvered and overpowered, I soon find myself in a position I swore I never would—as a prisoner.

And when the bloodsucking gargoyle offers me a compromise I can’t refuse?

Regardless, I pledge to myself that vengeance will still be mine...

My Review:

Bite of the Gargoyle is a romantic adventure story that begins on the premise of revenge. I love the storyline, the characters, and the setting. Gargoyle shifters are one of my favorite paranormal creatures and this book was right on target. There are twists and turns, misunderstandings, and action. 

H.P. Mallory and J.R. Rain are master storytellers that hook readers and keep them engaged, no matter what the genre, time period, or location. This writing duo creates interesting stories, intriguing and complex characters, and rich world-building. I love watching their characters grow, whether they write a series or a standalone. 

I was provided a copy of this book to read.

My Rating:

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#Review ~ Blood Rose: A Paranormal Women's Fiction Novel: (Blood Rose Academy) (Haven Hollow Book 26) by J.R. Rain and H.P. Mallory #JRRain #HPMallory #PWF #ParanormalWomensFiction


Publisher: ‎ Rain Press
Publication Date: ‎ January 27, 2023
Print Length: ‎ 205 pages


About the Book:

I’m finally going to Blood Rose Academy, where I’ll be trained in witch magic, and I can’t wait…

Except Blood Rose Academy isn’t exactly how I hoped it would be.

First off, the witches are all catty and hex-happy, and I’ve been targeted as their newest victim.

And if that weren’t bad enough, there’s a longstanding feud between the witches and the vampires, which means all vampires hate the witches and vice-versa.

Maybe that wouldn’t suck so hard (no pun intended) if I didn’t sorta, kinda have a crush on one of the vamps—a loner named Rook, who happens to be the headmaster’s son.

But Rook doesn’t even know I exist. Well… it’s actually worse: he does know I exist, but he’s made it pretty clear he can’t stand me.

Fun times!

The ‘fun’ only increases when I learn that a handful of Fae students have gone missing and my only friend, a faerie named Oleander, insists there’s foul play.

Suddenly recruited into a club of rebels, I find myself helping them to solve the mystery of the missing students.

And guess who happens to be in this club?


To say he’s unhappy to see me is an understatement. Now, if I could just train my wayward heart to get over him… things might start looking up.

Between battling my own kind, trying to keep from getting drained by the vamps, searching for the missing students, and uncovering my own shocking truths, I’m wondering if I should have just stayed home.

My Review:

I have loved the Haven Hollow series since book one. Full of wonderful characters, excellent storylines, and a perfectly created setting, I immerse myself in each and every book. There are multiple spin-offs that focus on one of the main characters, and Blood Rose is told from Astrid's POV. She finally gets to go to Blood Rose Academy to be properly trained in witch magic. Astrid's world comes crashing down when she realizes the Academy isn't at all what she had hope it would be. She is on the end of a lot of hazing, and right in the middle of a feud between the witches and the vampires. Learning about missing Fae just adds to her misery. 

Astrid's book is by far one of my absolute favorites in the series. I love them all but Blood Rose was
exceptional. I love Astrid's character and love that she got her own spin-off. Astrid is a wonderfully written character. She's so likable and her attitude and personality is so different than the witches at Blood Rose. I'm excited to see how everything goes in the next book. Blood Rose left a lot of things hanging.

The series also just continues to get better and better with every story. Blood Rose is the first book in the Blood Rose Academy series (and book 26 in the Haven Hollow series) by H.P. Mallory and J.R. Rain. This writing duo brings interesting stories, intriguing characters, and thought-provoking mysteries to life. The character development provides history and growth, and the world-building creates a fantastic world to watch the characters do their thing. 

I was provided a copy of this book to read.

My Rating:

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(Photo is an example. Bookmark prize~variety of bookmarks and quantities~may be different than shown.)

(Photo is an example. Bookmark prize~variety of bookmarks and quantities~may be different than shown.)

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