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Book Review: The Duplicate Bride by Ginny Baird @GinnyBaird @EntangledPub #Romance

Saying “I do” has never been this much fun in this charming new romance from New York Times bestselling author Ginny Baird.


Hope Webb can’t believe her twin sister, Jackie, is begging her to swap places and play fiancée at Jackie’s pre-wedding festivities. Sure, it’s only a business-deal sort of marriage, but Hope is a carb-loving teacher who enjoys curling up with a good book. Jackie is a workaholic whose idea of a good time is a brisk five-mile run at the crack of dawn. The two sisters couldn’t be more opposite.

Now Hope is stuck in the middle of a warm, tight-knit family she can’t help but adore and a groom who turns out to be entirely wonderful...for her.

Hotel magnate Brent Albright knows something is off about his fiancée, but he doesn’t care. Gone is the driven woman with similar career goals, and in her place is someone warm and funny who not only charms his family but him as well. She’s doing everything she can to avoid him, but that’s probably just nerves. Two people about to wed couldn’t know each other less.

Now Brent is determined to woo his fiancée, for real this time, because the more he gets to know her, the more his sweet fiancée turns out to be entirely wonderful...for him.

And that’s when things start to get really complicated...

Publisher : Entangled: Amara (September 29, 2020)
Word Wise : Enabled
Publication Date : September 29, 2020

Purchase Link: Amazon

My Review:

The Duplicate Bride is a whimsical romantic tale featuring identical twins; one a workaholic wedding planner for the upper echelon , the other a lowkey school teacher. When Jackie is busy with a high maintenance wedding but her own nuptials are a week away, she can't leave the high profile wedding she's managing. Jackie pulls a favor with her twin, Hope, wanting Hope to step in as her during the wedding week festivities. It's only supposed to be for a couple of days and then they will "trade" back. Hope puts her foot down but a case of mistaken identity puts the ball in motion. Hope can do this for a couple days. She'll try to woo the standoffish grandmother and help blend Jackie into the family she doesn't really know, especially Jackie's fiancé, Brent. What is only supposed to be a couple days becomes much longer and Hope has a a hard time keep up the charade. Jackie's future in-laws and  Brent are wonderful people. 

I spent a lot of this book cringing - not in a bad way but in a "Oh, Hope, this is not going to end well for you" way. Her intentions were wonderful, if not completely unethical and deceitful. Hope blended in nicely with the family in a way you could tell Jackie didn't in the few interactions she may have had with them. Even Brent warmed to Hope much better than is alluded to when he spent time with Jackie. 

Hope and Brent together were cute. They brought out the best in each other. While Hope is a strong and independent woman, Brent brought out her need for companionship and love. Hope also allowed Brent to discover his true wants, needs, and desires concerning marriage, taking over the family business, and opening himself up again after a disastrous previous relationship. 

I was engaged in their story from the very beginning. I devoured this book in one day. I was anxious for Hope, hopeful for her and Brent, and thoroughly disgusted with Jackie for suggesting the switch, and not being upfront with Brent and his family. I didn't agree with Hope's actions either but she truly thought she was doing the right thing at first. The charade should have never gotten as far as it did. 

I enjoyed this contemporary romance. The author's writing style is smooth and conversational. The characters has depth and development. The setting was written well and I was able to visualize the story as I read along, right down to the "eye" from Grandmother Margaret. I will seek out more from this author.

I was provided a copy of this book to read. Thank you Entangled Publishing!

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#Review: Neither Hyde Nor Hair (Lucy Westenra, Book 1) by J.R. Rain & H.P. Mallory @HPMallory

My name is Lucy Westenra. And I hunt monsters.

You might remember me—I was one of the first unfortunates turned by Dracula.

Well, the count might think he turned me, but I was saved by witch magic. Owing to an elixir created by high witch, Lissa Ravenwood, I’m mostly humam... as long as I take the elixir every three days.

But the vampire within me is always there in the background, threatening to turn me into a creature I detest. The count, Vlad, wants exactly that—for me to succumb to my darker side and return to him. He considers me his fledgling, his love, his creation.

I consider him a royal pain in my backside.

Regardless, I still need Vlad. Well, I need his help on a particularly difficult case...

Because I’m in control of my vampire side, and I’m stronger and faster than your average human, I work as a bounty hunter, specializing in apprehending things that go bump in the night. I guess it takes a monster to catch a monster.

And the case I’m on now is giving me apoplexy...

Students at Lissa’s witch academy are falling ill—clearly under the effects of Hyde, an illegal street drug. When another young woman’s mutilated body is found in an alley, I realize we’ve got a murderer on the loose. And I have a feeling the two cases are tied… I’m just not sure how or why.

As if that isn’t stress-inducing enough, the vampire council is in town, and that means I need Vlad’s protection. What I don’t need is his constant amorous attempts...

Sigh. It’s just another day in the unlife of Lucy Westenra, a girl who hunts monsters and hasn’t had a date in over a decade...

Print Length : 178 pages
Publisher : Rain Press
Publication Date : September 22, 2020

My Review:

Neither Hyde Nor Hair is a modern retelling of Dracula with Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde tossed in for good measure. The star of the book is Lucy Westenra, turned by Count Dracula eons ago, and saved by witch magic. As long as she takes a potion every three days, Lucy is able to keep her vampire side repressed to the point she is almost human. Her vampire side is always just at the surface but Lucy is able to suppress her, most of the time. Lucy's humanity but strength and power of her vampire side make her the perfect bounty hunter for rogue monsters. When her witchy friend Lissa employs Lucy to take over teaching one of her classes at the Academy, and some of the students fall ill, Lucy knows it's time to go on a monster hunt.

What Lucy finds isn't at all what she's looking for.

I was thoroughly entertained by Neither Hyde Nor Hair. The paranormal elements, inclusion of  characters from several different classic stories, mystery, and humor are a wonderful combination. Vlad's amorousness toward Lucy has her see-sawing between her vampiric side wanting him and her human side detesting him. What ensues are a lot of humorous interactions between the two of them. Lucy has been battling against her vampire for generations, knowing that once she fully embraces her, she will go from the bounty hunter doing the hunting to being the vampire being hunted. She's clearly on team human but Vlad is a temptation threatening her ability to stay that way. 

They mystery is fun and full of twists and turns. Lucy dealings with Vlad, the vampire council, and Mr. Hyde all take place while trying to figure out where the students are getting Hyde and who killed a student in a gruesome fashion. The characters are quirky, well-written, and some are quite complex. Other characters are in the background or we only get a brief glimpse. Hopefully, they are characters that we may see expanded on in future books. 

If you're looking for a fun and fairly quick read by a wonderful pair of authors, look no further. Grab Neither Hyde Nor Hair today!

I was provided a copy of this book to review.

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Book Review: Burning Ash (Forgotten Brotherhood, Book Three) by N.J. Walters@njwaltersauthor @EntangledPub

Burning Ash
Forgotten Brotherhood Book Three
by N.J. Walters

Genre: Paranormal Romance 

No one is more surprised than Asher, one of the oldest vampires on Earth, that he's attracted to vamp hunter Jo Radcliffe. She's smart, a talented slayer, and she's gorgeous. Something about her pulls at him, like no one ever has before. For a man, whose name strikes fear in everyone––this is something new and intriguing. And quite possibly deadly, if she discovers his secret.

Jo has two things in common with the handsome Asher––they are both slayers and someone is messing with them in a very-much-trying-to-kill-them way. She's not so happy about joining forces with a dude she doesn't know. But he's sexy as hell and really good at his job as one of the Forgotten Brotherhood, whose business it is to execute misbehaving paranormals.

She knows she's bait in a larger plot to harm Asher and the Brotherhood. And there is nothing he won't do, no line he won't cross, to keep her safe––which may be the weakness that destroys them both.

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My Review:

A chance meeting at a vampire gathering brings vampire Asher and vampire hunter Jo together. They eventually realize ending up in the same location at the same time may not be random at all. Asher and Jo then try to figure out exactly who is behind their mysterious emails. Coming up empty, Asher wracks his brain and uses his intense hacking skills to trace the email address that keeps contacting him, Jo, and others anonymously. His hacking prowess unwittingly begins a chain reaction and more lives become endangered. 

Just when I thought this series couldn't get any better (it's magnificent, btw), N.J. Walters goes and ups the game again! I think Asher is my favorite member of the Brotherhood. Hot vampire - check. Compassionate - check. Protective - check. Sense of humor - check. He's been around for centuries and, while he's taken many lovers, no one wiggled their way into his heart until Jo Radcliffe. 

Jo is a bit standoffish. She's been a loner for a very long time and knows the only person she can depend on is herself. When she comes face-to-face with sex on a stick she fights the attraction from the bossy, sexy man as long as she can. His willingness to protect her and take care of her eventually wins her over. They work well together but when events escalate, she's not sure they are meant to be.

Burning Ash is an amazing paranormal novel. The author provides a story with more twists, turns, and events the reader won't see coming, keeping the reader completely engaged, and I was. I enjoyed the path Asher and Jo had to travel in order to get to their ultimate destinations. I loved how the continued storyline makes a dramatic collision in Burning Ash. Someone is out to destroy the Forgotten Brotherhood from the inside out and the attempts continue to increase. It might be time for the Brotherhood, who keep themselves at a distance from one another, to come together to fight what's coming.

The author crafted a unique world and a story that was intriguing, and full of mystery, suspense, action, and wonderful characters. The series is full of unconventional heroes and the strong heroines they fall for. I was easily drawn into the book and found myself immersed. I look forward to the next book. While each book is listed as a stand alone, they all do tie together and I highly recommend you read them in order.

I was provided a copy of this book to read.

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Thursday, September 24, 2020

Review: Arctic Bite (Forgotten Brotherhood, Book #2) by N.J. Walters @njwaltersauthor @EntangledPub


Being immortal doesn’t mean you can’t die. It just means you’re damn hard to kill.

When Alexei Medvedev joined the Forgotten Brotherhood — paranormals hired to assassinate other paranormals — he knew it wouldn’t be a cake walk. But his next target is one of Death’s own Reapers gone rogue. For the first time since he started this gig, “damn hard to kill” feels more like “damn near impossible.”

Tracking Cassie Dobbs brings him to a remote bar in small-town Alaska, where this hot-as-hell Reaper is casually serving drinks, as if she doesn’t have a bounty on her head from Death himself. Alexei is dangerously intrigued. Everyone in the Brotherhood knows the first rule: don’t fall for your target.

But Alexei soon has bigger problems to face than an unexpected attraction. They only send assassins after those who deserve to die…or so he’s been made to believe. Now that he’s met Cassie, though, he’s not so sure.

What if everything he’s been told is a lie, and the person he’s been sent to kill is the only one who knows the truth?

Each book in the Fury Unleashed series is STANDALONE.

Print Length : 292 pages
Language: : English
ASIN : B0867QY8W2
Publisher : Entangled: Amara (May 18, 2020)
Publication Date : May 18, 2020
Purchase Link: Amazon

My Review:

Arctic Bite is book 2 in the Forgotten Brotherhood series by N.J. Walters. Cassie Dobbs walked away from her job as reaper, something that is never done. She fled her family and moved as far away as possible to a little remote town in Alaska. The fewer the people, the lesser the chance her reaper family will ever need to come and reap souls. She's also managed to suppress her reaperness and to anyone non-human, she should appear human and not other. Positive her time in Alaska is coming to an end and she needs to move on, a bear shifter strolls into her bar.

Alexei Medvedev is a member of the Forgotten Brotherhood. His abilities make him hard to kill but easy to take down others. When he's offered a contract to take out Cassie Dobbs and locates her in Alaska, Alexei is sure there's been a mistake. Cassie is a human as those who live and work around her, or so he thinks. As they get closer to one another, he realizes Cassie is no mere mortal and someone powerful is out to get her. 

So, I though Fury Unleashed, book 1 in the series, was spectacular but Arctic Bite just moved the series up a few notches. The author did a wonderful job creating Alexei and Cassie, bringing them together, and tying books 1 and 2 together. Arctic Bite is an amazing paranormal novel. The author provided a story with more twists, turns, and events the reader won't see coming to keep someone complete engaged, which I was. I can't believe I waited so long to read this book. I enjoyed the path Alexei and Cassie had to travel in order to get to their ultimate destinations.

The author crafted a unique world and a story that was intriguing, and full of mystery, suspense, action, and wonderful characters. I was easily drawn into the book and found myself immersed. I look forward to the next book. While each book is listed as a stand alone, they all do tie together and I highly recommend you read them in order.

I was provided a copy of this book to read.

My Rating:

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Book Review: Daylight Fading (Lily Harper #9) by H.P. Mallory @HPMallory #PNR


After returning to Edinburgh, to retrieve their belongings, Lily and the gang find themselves running from more demons, this time on the earthly plane!

Once they give the demons the slip, they’ll find themselves on a quest—this time to free Lily’s aunt, Annice, from the clutches of Alaire.

Once reunited with Annice, they’ll find themselves on a much bigger quest—this one directly from the archangel, Uriel.

And along the way, Lily is still plagued with her strange attraction to Asterion, the Minotaur, a love which goes back hundreds of years. Will her bond with Tallis be enough or will Lily find herself falling in deeper with Asterion?

Publication Date : August 30, 2020
Print Length : 216 pages
Purchase Link: Amazon

My Review:

Lily, Tallis, Bill, and Asterion can't catch a break. Sneaking back to Lily's apartment in Edinburgh proves that when they find themselves evading more demons. After escaping the demons, the group then embarks on a dangerous journey to free Lily's Aunt Annice. Upon completion of that mission, the group finds themselves assisting Uriel. 

The feelings Lily has for Tallis and Asterion are simmering at the surface. Her dreams regarding the three of them performing the acts and ritual necessary are getting more frequent, leaving her more confused and anxious. The unusual way to release Lily's powers has her trying to skirt the issue, yet yearning to feel the full effect of them.

Lily is a strong character, rolling with the hand she's been dealt. Her ability to stay level-headed (most of the time) while attempting to find her aunt and complete Uriel's quest, all while coming face-to-face with Alaire, shows the excellence of her character. Tallis is a broody Scotsman but his feelings for Lily are quite evident and his presence has a soothing effect on Lily. Bill, Lily’s foul-mouthed guardian angel, is a hoot. His mishmash of the English language has me laughing out loud and shaking my head. Asterion is a fantastic character. He pines for Lily but even when the love for Tallis is evident, Asterion has her back and will defend her with his life. Each character is well-written and complex.  

While this is book 9 in the Lily Harper series, I did not start reading the series from the beginning. I enjoyed the story very much and will eventually start reading the series from the beginning. Despite only reading a few of the previous books, I was able to move through the pages and most of the book fell into place. The author does a wonderful job providing some details from previous events to aid in keeping the reader abreast with the story.

I was provided a copy of this book to review.

My Review:

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Book #Review ~ Fury Unleashed (Forgotten Brotherhood #1) by N.J. Walters @njwaltersauthor @EntangledPub


Maccus Fury, a fallen angel, is trying hard to keep his sanity. Seems being an assassin might be catching up with him. Now, Heaven, or Hell, has sent a beautiful assassin to kill him. Lovely. She's pretending to seduce him, and he's okay with that. She's smart and snarky-but she has no idea what she's walked into. And he's more than peeved that they only sent one person. They're going to need an army if they want him dead.

Morrigan Quill is one of Hell's bounty hunters. She sold her soul to keep her sister safe, and now she's working off her contract by catching bad guys and dragging them back to hell. When Lucifer makes her a new offer--that's definitely too good to be true-she can't say no. All she has to do is kill a powerful and crazy-hot fallen angel, who will totally kick her ass in battle.

Good thing he won't see what's coming next.

Publication Date : March 23, 2020
Print Length : 292 pages
File Size : 1218 KB
Publisher : Entangled: Amara
ASIN : B084M1NQ88
Purchase Link: Amazon

My Review:

Fury Unleashed is an epic tale of good versus evil. When a fallen angel assassin is contracted by Gabriel to kill a female demon bounty hunter, Maccus Fury thinks it's all in a day's work. Until he meets her. Morrigan Quill is a bounty hunter for Lucifer. Her only job is to locate demons who've spend too much time topside and send them home to Hell. When Lucifer offers to void her contract, releasing Morrigan and her sister, she jumps at the chance until he instructs her to kill someone. A very large, menacing looking someone. Her job does not include killing anything, ever.

Now Maccus and Morrigan must work together to find out what Gabriel and Lucifer are up to before one or both of them end up dead.

I thought Fury Unleashed was an amazing paranormal novel. The author provided a good versus evil story with more twists, turns, and events the reader won't see coming to keep someone complete engaged, which I was. I can't believe I waited so long to read this book. I enjoyed the path Maccus and Morrigan had to travel in order to get to their ultimate destinations. 

Morrigan is a bounty hunter because in order to save her sister, Morrigan sold her soul. She is now serving a long sentence under the watchful eye of Emmett, her handler, and Lucifer. Her compassion and lover for her sister is evident throughout the whole book. As events, lies, and deceptions are revealed to Morrigan you can't help but empathize with her. She's pulled in many different directions, including right into the sights of Maccus. 

Maccus has been kicked out of heaven and booted out of hell and just wants to be left alone on earth. The contract to kill Morrigan Quill has him concerned enough to find her and investigate why heaven wants her dead. He wasn't planning on falling for his prey but fall he did - and hard. When the feelings are reciprocated their chemistry, affection, and steamy scenes just engulf the pages, the reader's mind, and explode into all of the feels. 

The author crafted a unique world and a story that was intriguing, and full of mystery, suspense, action, and wonderful characters. I was easily drawn into the book and found myself immersed. I look forward to the next book, Arctic Bite.

I was provided a copy of this book.

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Review: Colton 911: Detective on Call (Colton 911: Grand Rapids #3) by Regan Black @ReganBlack #RomanticSuspense @HarlequinBooks

Two bitter rivals unite to track a deadly killer


Detective Emmanuel Iglesias does his duty at all costs, even if that means going up against Pippa Colton. The stubborn attorney insists her client is innocent, but Emmanuel knows that his case is rock-solid. That is, until Pippa becomes a target herself. Is the real killer still at large? As their mutual distrust turns into an undeniable attraction, the murderer becomes bolder—and more menacing…

Publisher : Harlequin Romantic Suspense; Original Edition
Publish Date: September 8, 2020
Mass Market Paperback : 288 pages
ISBN-10 : 1335626689
ISBN-13 : 978-1335626684
Series on Goodreads


The Colton 911 series follows the Colton family and each book in the series is written by a different author and takes place in Grand Rapids, MI. Detective on Call is book 3 in the series but only the first one I've had a chance to read. 

Pippa Colton knows her best friend's mother is many things, but a murderer is not one of them. Anna's been accused of murdering her lover and Pippa has taken on the case to prove her innocence. Re-investigating the entire case has put Pippa's life in danger and brought Detective Emmanuel Iglesias to her her doorstep. As the threats intensify so does the attraction between Pippa and Emmanuel. 

Detective on Call is an intense romantic suspense novel that brings together an unlikely couple - an attorney and the detective on the case the attorney is trying to bust wide open. They have insta-chemistry but neither want to accept the feelings. They are on opposite sides of the murder case; Pippa wants Anna freed and Emmanuel knows his investigation is rock-solid. The more Pippa digs into the case, the more danger finds its way to her doorstep. Forced together by Emmanuel's best friend, who also happens to be Pippa's brother, Pippa and Emmanuel find themselves slowly breaking down their walls. 

I loved Detective on Call and the location. I live in Central Michigan so any book set in Michigan makes me happy. This books is well-written, has awesome characters, and a mystery that kept me on my toes. I enjoy the author's writing style so everything I've read by Regan Black has been a hit with me. 

Pippa is a strong, but stubborn character. She puts herself in danger for what she feels is the greater good. She's a good person who wants nothing but justice for Anna, regardless of the cost and her sacrifices are noble. Emmanuel is a great detective, follows the law to the letter, and knows the case against Anna was solid. He is, however, open to discussion when Pippa brings forth insight and knowledge needing review. 

I was provided a paperback of this book to read.

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1001 Dark Nights Presents ~ The Dead Heat of Summer (Krewe of Hunters, Book #32.5) by Heather Graham @heathergraham @jennw23

From New York Times and USA Today bestselling author Heather Graham comes a new story in her Krewe of Hunters series…

Casey Nicholson has always had what her grandmother calls ‘The Touch.’

It runs in her family. 

But even so, she isn’t prepared for the ghost in the old Nola graveyard who comes to her shedding tears that she can almost touch. She knows she’d been the victim of a malicious murder and fears now for her infant daughter and her sister, left to care for the baby.

The ghost is Lena Marceau, the tragic young woman who had married into the fabulously wealthy Marceau family of New Orleans. Her husband had died tragically and mysteriously just the year before and Lena is convinced that they were murdered by someone with an agenda, most likely to take over Marceau Industries, an architectural and engineering company dating back to French rule in the city. 

Casey isn’t at all sure how she can help Lena. She isn’t an investigator or with any form of law enforcement. She has an art shop and reads tarot cards and tea leaves on Jackson Square and in her little shop. 

But when she receives a visit from a tall, dark—and very handsome—stranger, she realizes that she’s being drawn into a deadly game where she must discover the truth or lose her own life in the trying.

Ryder McKinley, Special Agent with the Krewe of Hunters, has his own strange connection to the case. In New Orleans to solve the murder and protect the child, he has arrived at Casey’s shop on the hunt for the ghost of his murdered cousin. He fears the fact that Casey’s involvement puts her in danger, yet she’s already knee-deep in deadly waters. There’s nothing to do but follow the leads, lest all their souls fall prey to a vicious and very human evil. 

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Add to Goodreads:

**Every 1001 Dark Nights novella is a standalone story. For new readers, it’s an introduction to an author’s world. And for fans, it’s a bonus book in the author’s series. We hope you'll enjoy each one as much as we do.**


Casey Nicholson continues to be mistaken for a medium because she reads tea leaves and tarot cards. She doesn't speak to the dead, though, which is one criterion of being a medium. Until the day she does. While visiting a small, local graveyard, the ghost of recently deceased Lena Marceau reaches out to Casey. Lena knows her death is suspicious, just as she knows her husband's death was a year ago. Being dead makes is a challenge to prove it to anyone. This is where Casey comes in - who can apparently see and talks to ghosts now. Who knew?!

Casey knows that running to the police station telling them Lena's ghost can communicate with her will land her in a padded cell. What she doesn't plan on is one angry relative coming at her and finding out he's with the Krewe of Hunters. As Ryder and Casey delve into the deaths of Lena and her husband, they must also provide protection for Lena's baby daughter and Lena's sister. Whomever came after Lena and her husband, undoubtedly have their sights set on the baby next. 

The Dead Heat of Summer was a suspenseful and action-packed story. The length of the novella was short enough to be read in a short time span, yet long enough to provide character development and allow a newbie to get a taste of the series. I enjoyed the author's writing style and world-building. I was able to visualize everything scene like I was there. I must confess - I've never read anything by Heather Graham until The Dead Heat of Summer. After reading the novel, I keep asking myself how it is I have never read anything by her. I'll be adding this author to my TBR now.

I was provided a copy of this book to read.

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ARC Review of Don't Hex and Drive (Stay a Spell #2) by Juliette Cross #Witches #Vampires #PNR

Notoriously bad at peopling, Isadora Savoie spends most of her time in the greenhouse or at the local animal shelter, using her Conduit powers of growth and healing. Content to remain in the background of the Savoie sister shenanigans, she’s reluctantly roped into the mystery of missing neighborhood girls. Now, she’s partnered with a flashy, flirty vampire to find them before it’s too late.

Devraj Kumar has seen and done it all. Three hundred years roaming the earth as a Stygorn—a legendary vampire warrior who operates in the shadows—has its perks. But ennui has set in. That is, until he has a run-in—literally—with an intriguing witch while on a new assignment in New Orleans. Fascinated by her resistance to his charms, Devraj can’t help but push her buttons in an effort to get to know the shy witch. Fortunately for him, she’s been recruited by the Lord of Vampires to assist Devraj on the case.

Between a Bollywood marathon, supernatural dating app, secret package, and sexy driving instruction, Isadora is in over her head. And Devraj? After just one taste, he’s playing for keeps.

Publication Date : September 8, 2020
Print Length : 346 pages
Purchase Link: Amazon


Don't Hex and Drive is the exciting 2nd book in Juliette Cross's Stay a Spell Series. Supernatural creatures are preying upon human females and Ruben, the Lord of Vampires needs to figure out who is responsible. To assist, Ruben calls upon friend and Sytgorn vampire, Devraj. Devraj has been looking for a change of pace so he jumps on the chance to come to the States and help Ruben find the missing girls.

The book focuses on Isadora, a witch with social anxiety and the fear of driving or riding in cars. After a disastrous encounter with a Stygorn vampire new to the area, Isadora can't stop thinking about him. Devraj is bound and determined to continue irritating her and she's finding it harder and harder to resist him. Keeping her grounded is assisting in the mysterious case of disappearing neighborhood girls.

I absolutely loved Don't Hex and Drive and devoured it in one sitting. The meeting between Isadora and Devraj was unusual and somewhat shocking. How the situation was handled was cute and I enjoyed the sparks that flew between them. The author doesn't quickly toss them together, she makes Devrah work for Isadora's affections. The romance is super slow-burn but not at all stagnant or slow to the point the reader gives up on the potential couple.

I love Juliette Cross’s writing style and the way she tells stories. Her ability to create paranormal stories with romance, action and a solid plot is what keeps me coming back. I can't wait for the next book in the series - or any book from Juliette Cross.

I was provided a copy of this book to read.