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Book Review ~ Monopoly by Mari Bolte #Boardgame #History #Facts

Book Details:

Publisher: ‎ Norwood House Pr
Publish Date: January 15, 2022
Paperback: ‎ 48 pages
ISBN-10: ‎ 1684047250
ISBN-13: ‎ 978-1684047253
Reading Age: ‎ 8 - 12 years
Grade Level: ‎ 3 - 4



About the Book:

Learn about the board game Monopoly. It began as a way to teach people about income inequality. From there, it grew into the popular property buying, selling, and trading game we know today. Explore the history of Monopoly and peer into the future of one of the world's most popular games. Monopoly will give you a behind-the-scenes look at a great game, with features that include: a glossary, index, and bibliography for further reading.

My Review:

Monopoly has been my favorite board game since I was a child. I never win (and I'm not kidding when I say never) but I love to play anyway. My love for the game has even expanded into buying several of the Monopoly variants; Metallica, Rudolph the Rednosed Reindeer, Back to the Future, Zelda, and even the Friends edition.

I really enjoyed learning the history behind the game. The origins are interesting, sad, yet typical for women. The book describes the game's rules and features. There are also "Did you know?" facts and information. The WWII facts were eye-opening and nothing I'd ever heard about prior to reading this book.

If you are a lover of Monopoly and love learning history and facts, this book is right up your alley. I recommend it for game players, collectors, and anyone who loves to learn new things.

I was provided a copy of this book to read through NetGalley.

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Saturday, July 23, 2022

Book Review ~ Bright Like Wildfire by Juliette Cross #ContemporaryRomance @Juliette__Cross

Book Details:

Publication Date: ‎ July 12, 2022
Print Length: ‎ 308 pages

About the Book:

Bennett has no idea why Betty Mouton hates him.

Other than the time he accidentally hit her boobs with a glitter bomb in their community theater performance of “A Midsummer Night’s Dream,” he’s been nothing but helpful and accommodating. But that notorious “incident” happened years ago. Time for the gorgeous redhead to get over it and admit to the real chemistry between them, not just the on-stage kind.

Betty is in trouble.

She may have gotten her dream role in a production by her favorite playwright, but there’s a big problem. Her romantic lead is that cocky, annoyingly hot know-it-all Bennett Broussard. And when the fake touching and fake kissing start to feel way too real, Betty realizes one thing. She better act her heart out or finally admit that Bennett has stolen hers.

My Review:

Bright Like Wildfire is scorching hot and tender and sweet. Bennett Broussard and Betty Mouton have a history. After an accident back in the day embarrasses Betty in front of the whole town she vows never to forgive Bennett. When they are paired together as leads in the newest community theater production, Betty learns a side of him she never knew existed. Now, she's trying to remember why he's enemy number one. Their chemistry is palpable and both Betty and Bennett find themselves immersed in feelings and emotions that are unfamiliar. 

I loved Betty and Bennett's story. Bright Like Wildfire is a fantastic enemies-to-lovers romance. I enjoyed the small town vibes, quirky characters, and comforting sense of family. I love how the author includes a little bit of kink in the steamy scenes between Betty and Bennett. The author created and developed characters with real and intense feelings, senses of trust, and the love that everyone aspires to have in their lives. 

I love Juliette Cross’s writing style and the way she tells stories. Her ability to create stories with romance and a solid plot is what keeps me coming back. I can't wait for Juliette's next book, in any series or standalone. She is a favorite one-click author for me!!

I was provided a copy of this book to read.

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Read a #Review & Enter the #Giveaway ~ Sex, Bugs & UFOs by Warren A. Shepherd ~ @Lonemonkey @MirrorWorldPub ~ #SciFi #SpaceOpera #Adventure #Aliens #UFOs

Sex, Bugs & UFOs by Warren A. Shepherd


About the Book:

Abandoned by his mum at the age of seven, former UFO investigator, Dave Morrissey, is coerced back into business to investigate a cold case that’s suddenly gotten hotter with the death of an old woman in a nursing home. As the questions begin piling up about her peculiar past, Morrissey must reluctantly enlist the aid of a shifty tabloid journalist with surprising insights into all things otherworldly.

Together, they uncover clues that paint a target on Morrissey’s back big enough to attract the sights of an unstable UFO conspiracy theorist, a cunning galactic bounty hunter, and a vicious terrorist for hire with nefarious designs on the secrets hidden in his DNA.

Morrissey’s desperate quest for the truth launches him from the grey streets of London, across the stars, and deep into the heart of an intergalactic mystery that will turn the idea of who he is and where he belongs in the universe on its head.

All Morrissey wants to do is find his way home but in space, no one can hear you whinge…

Book Details:

ISBN: 978-1987976892
ISBN-10: 1987976892
Publisher: ‎ Mirror World Publishing; 1st edition
Publication Date: ‎ July 17, 2022
Print Length: ‎ 348 pages

My Review:

Sex, Bugs, & UFOs is an exciting SciFi novel. Morrissey comes home from school one afternoon, explaining how he's being teased about his mother's past. His knowledge of her experiences with aliens distresses her. His mom abandons him the very next day. He's spent many years trying to understand why she left, to no avail.

After the death of a nursing home resident and the approach of a conniving former coworker, Morrisey is suddenly thrust back into the world of the unknown. It appears the death of Ruth opens a cold case back up from his Ministry of Defense (MOD) days. He's soon the target of several people, and none of them good. 

I love the author's writing style. The dialogue is crisp, natural, conversational, and flows well. The pacing of the story is perfect; not too fast and not too slow. Each scene is crafted well and the world building allowed me to envision the setting, characters, and events that take place.

I was engaged in Sex, Bugs and UFOs from the very beginning of the book. I was drawn in by the mystery behind Morrisey's mother leaving, the connection between an old cold-case and the recent death of Ruth, and the involvement and secrecy of those in Morrisey's life. The book is full of twists, turns, and conspiracies. I couldn't put the book down. Highly recommended for lovers of SciFi Action Adventure stories.

I was provided a copy of this book to read.

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Meet the Author:

Warren A. Shepherd was seven when he first realized the world didn’t fit him quite right. Two sizes too big or two sizes too small, he couldn’t be sure. But having been transported from the streets of London, England to the streets of Toronto, Canada at such a young age left him with a profound sense of alienation — a boy with one foot in each world yet belonging in neither. The experience, however, did sharpen his sense of self-awareness and made him a keen observer of the human (and not-so-human) condition. 

When he sees what humankind is capable of, both the good and the bad, he imagines how we would cope amongst the stars and is driven to tell stories of strange new worlds to try to explain the one that he often cannot. 

After all, it takes an alien to know an alien… 

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Book Review ~ All I Want for Christmas is a Faerie Assassin?! by H.L. Macfarlane @MacLanternPub #Fantasy #Faeries #RomCom

Book Details:

ASIN: ‎ B07ZRY182J
Publisher: ‎ Macfarlane Lantern Publishing
Publication Date: ‎ November 14, 2019
Print Length: ‎ 148 pages



About the Book:

She didn’t want to be alone at the most wonderful time of the year. When he shows up, she may decide to rethink that…

London, England. Charlotte Connors is tired of asking for a man, only to find coal in her stocking. Emboldened by a little liquid courage, she gives up on Father Christmas and uses her grandmother’s old book to summon a faerie plus-one for the holiday party. But when against all odds it actually works, Charlotte finds herself face-to-face with a foul-mouthed, hungover hitman.

Bain was looking to sleep it off after taking revelling to new heights at the Winter Solstice. Instead, the acerbic assassin is stuck with a naïve, pathetic human who doesn’t even have a target in mind. But since she owes him a favour if he does her bidding, the clever killer strikes a deal that will allow him to finally take revenge for a broken contract.

Though he gets under her skin with each four-letter word, Charlotte can’t help being drawn to her temporary paranormal paramour. But just as Bain starts to fall for the foolish mortal, he discovers the object of his vengeance is her boss.

Can this mismatched pair somehow snowball into happily ever after?

All I Want for Christmas is a Faerie Assassin?! is a cheerful romantic comedy novella. If you like modern takes on folktales, humorous otherworldly fantasies and Yuletide wishes gone crazy then you’ll love H. L. Macfarlane’s festive tale

My Review:

All I Want for Christmas is a Faerie Assassin?! is a fun holiday romcom. Sometimes you really have to be careful what your wish for. Charlotte has has long run of bad relationships so she uses an book of fairytale spells to summon up a date. She expects a nice faerie to act as her new boyfriend just through the holidays. What she gets is a faerie assassin with a sailor's mouth. 

Bain is trying to sleep off a drunken Winter Solstice when he's suddenly summoned. Thinking he's needed to bump someone off, Bain is surprised to find he's really been summoned to play house.  It's not all bad though. He can now exact revenge for a previously broken contract. 

Pairing a straight-laced human with a foul-mouthed faerie is comic genius. Adding in slow-burning sparks, affection, and a sleazy boss rounds out this book rather nicely. I loved Bain and Charlotte separate and adored them together. The story is short, sweet, and fun. The characters and world are well-written and well-developed. A must read!

I was provided a copy of this book to read.

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Book Review ~ Spinning Gold by Sofia Aves ~ #MCRomance #Romance @AvesBooks


Book Details:

Publisher: ‎ Little Quail Press
Publication Date: ‎ April 3, 2022
Print Length: ‎ 107 pages



About the Book:

Nameless. Scarred. Broken. Nadir is intimate with the darkest corners of his soul.

Even a ruined man has a heart.

Kade Ryan understands everything about hitting rock bottom. Known as Nadir inside his local Utah MC chapter, Kade has little information of where he came from and who his family is meant to be.

During a raid to rescue women snatched from their homes by a rival club that deal with sex-trafficking, he discovers an abandoned infant. Reminded of his own history and unable to leave the child, Kade takes the baby to the only woman he trusts—his foster mother.

The abandoned infant isn’t the sole person of interest. Summer Holmes stands out amongst the rescued women from the rival club. More than out of place, Nadir is drawn to her, and claims her as his own despite the mistrust of his MC brothers.

But Summer knows something about Nadir that no one else does. She knows his name…

SPINNING GOLD is a standalone MC dark romance retelling of Rumplestiltskin.

My Review:

Spinning Gold is a dark MC romance fairytale retelling.

The Wicked Warriors in the middle of a turf war with the Dragons MC. When the Wicked Warriors plan an ambush on their rivals and retrieve stolen property, the weren't expecting to find a bunch of women. Instead of the Dragons ready for a fight, bound and abused women litter the floor. As Kade Ryan does a through run through of the building, he's also surprised to find a baby. Captivated by one woman, Summer Holmes, and the baby, Kade takes them to the one safe place he trusts. The same place where Summer learns who Kade really is and where he came from. 

I enjoyed this fairytale retelling. Kade and Summer are wonderful characters. This novella was well-developed, kept me engaged, and palpable chemistry. This was a short and quick read and I highly recommend Spinning Gold.

I was provided a copy of this book to read.

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