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Book Review ~ A Case for the Yarn Maker (Ainsley McGregor, Book 2) by Candace Havens ~ #CozyMystery ~ @CandaceHavens

A Case for the Yarn Maker 
Ainsley McGregor, Book 2 
by Candace Havens 

Genre: Cozy Mystery

About the Book:

Spin a yarn…at your own risk.

Everyone at Bless Your Art in Sweet River, Texas, is excited about the Yarn Goddess (yes, that’s her real name) coming to town. Ainsley McGregor has set up a special event at the local community center, but when old Mrs. Whedon doesn’t see eye-to-eye with the Goddess about using quality yarn, a fight breaks out. Who knew the octogenarian had ninja moves like that?

It’s all fun and games until George Clooney, Ainsley’s Great Dane, finds Ms. Yarn’s dead body in a booth at Bless Your Art. Now the prime suspect is Mrs. Whedon, and while she’s not the easiest woman to get along with, there’s no way she’s the killer. At least, Ainsley doesn’t think so. As this yarn unravels, Ainsley and her quirky friends learn some interesting things about the case and the Goddess’s checkered past. But there’s a killer on the loose, and George may be the only thing protecting Ainsley from certain death. 

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My Review:

A Case for the Yarn Maker is the second book in the Ainsley McGregor series by Candace Havens.  Ainsley finds herself opening up Bless Your Art to a very famous knitting and yarn expert, Yarn Goddess. Hoping to bring more customers to the shop and widen her exposure, Ainsley wonders if bringing in Yarn Goddess was a good idea. A diva to the highest degree, everything has to be perfect and exactly so for Yarn Goddess. When she comes up against Mrs. Whedon after her book signing, but just before the demonstrations at the Community Center, Ainsley braces for an explosion of epic proportions. What she doesn't expect is for George Clooney to find Yarn Goddess dead inside Bless Your Art after she's a no-show at the Community Center. 

Mrs. Whedon is implicated in the death of Yarn Goddess. Having been involved in a public confrontation with the deceased swayed the police in that direction. Ainsley knows Mrs. Whedon is innocent and something more sinister is afoot. In order to protect and exonerate Mrs. Whedon, Ainsley starts asking around and delving into the Yarn Goddess's family and empire. It would seem those closest to Yarn Goddess have the highest amounts of motive and opportunity. Now, Ainsley just has to convince her brother and stay a couple steps ahead of the murderer.

The mystery was set up and executed well. I enjoyed trying to figure out who did it an why. I will admit that I had a good idea who the murderer was in A Case for the Yarn Maker. Thinking I knew who did it, and ultimately being correct, did not detract from this mystery in any way. In fact, it amplified the suspense and nail-biting action of certain scenes, decisions, and the ultimate showdown.

 Ainsley is a wonderful character with business know-how and impeccable customer service skills. Her brother, Greg, is the local sheriff, and he tries to keep her from interfering with the case but with  his sights only set on Ainsley's friend, she knows she can't sit on the sidelines. Jake is a firefighter, friend of Greg's, and Ainsley's closest neighbor. Together, the three of them along with Ainsley's friends, make up a great cast of characters.

This books was an enjoyable, fast read that keep me engaged. I loved the setting: an artisan market, the characters were wonderful, realistic, and relatable. The world building allowed me to visualize the scenes and I felt like I was there with the characters as they lead their normal, everyday lives. I love the little hints of romance threaded through the book. There were a few hints in book 1 but the volume increased in book 2. I like the direction the author is taking Ainsley, as a business owner, small-town citizen, and in her love life. I couldn't put the book down.

I was provided a copy of this book to review. All thoughts and opinions of this book are my own.

My Rating:

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