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Book #Review ~ Let's Fake a Deal (Sarah Winston Garage Sale Mystery #7) by Sherry Harris #CozyMystery @KensingtonBooks

Book Details:

Print Length: 304 pages
Publisher: Kensington Books
Publication Date: July 30, 2019
Purchase Link: Amazon

About the Book:


As a former military spouse, Sarah Winston’s learned a little about organizing, packing, and moving. Her latest project sounds promising: a couple of tech-industry hipsters, newly arrived in her Massachusetts town, who need to downsize. Unfortunately, when Sarah tries to sell their stuff, she discovers it’s all stolen—and she’s the unwitting fence. 


Michelle, an old friend of Sarah’s from the Air Force base, is in line for a promotion—but not everyone is happy about it, and she’s been hit with an anonymous discrimination complaint. When one of the men she suspects is behind the accusations turns up dead in Michelle’s car, Sarah needs to clear Michelle’s name—as well as her own for selling hot merchandise. And she’ll have to do it while also organizing a cat lady’s gigantic collection of feline memorabilia, or they’ll be making room for Sarah in a jail cell . . .

My Review:

Let’s Fake a Deal, book 7 in the Sarah Winston Garage Sale Mysteries by Sherry Harris, is another fantastic installment in the world of professional garage sale organization. In this book, Sarah is organizing a house-wide garage sale for a younger couple looking to downsize. As she opens the sale, she discovers the young couple missing and her hands on what is being labeled as stolen. She’s now on the chopping block since the “owners” are missing and she’s the one selling all the stolen goods. 

In the meantime, a friend of Sarah’s from the Air Force base, who is up for a promotion, has a discrimination charge brought against her. Then one of the men Michelle suspects instigated the charge is found dead in her own vehicle. Sarah has two mysteries to solve – the one where she’s the fence of stolen items and the one where Michelle is a murderer. In the middle of this, a woman with an obsession with cat memorabilia contracts with Sarah to sell some of her items. Book 7 is packed full of problems and Sarah will need to stay organized and focused if she doesn’t want herself or Michelle to wind up in jail.

I really enjoy the Garage Sale Mysteries by Sherry Harris. As a lover of garage sales, yard sales, flea markets, etc., a cozy setting of this nature makes me happy. Sarah is a great protagonist and has been in such a way that I feel like I know her personally. She has very realistic characteristics and the author really brings Sarah to life. I love all the secondary characters the author has created for this series, too. Seth, Mike “the big cheese” Titone, Stella, Awesome, and all the rest compliment this series so well. 

As I said about the rest of the books in the series, Let’s Fake a Deal is a fantastic cozy mystery full of twists, turns, distractions, and multiple storylines. There are suspenseful, humorous, and heartbreaking moments that are sure to keep the reader engaged. The author sets up many of the characters as the potential suspect and expertly pulls the tablecloth out from underneath them without spilling the truth.

Side note: I wish Sarah would stop being so hard on herself. She deserves happiness despite what happened between her and Chuck.

I was provided a review copy of this book.

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